Do I have to pay Dart Charge?

You must pay the charge if you use the Dartford Crossing between 6am and 10pm. Charges apply every day – including weekends and bank holidays.

also Where does the Dartford Crossing charge start? The crossing spans the River Thames between Dartford, Kent, to the south and Thurrock, Essex, to the north.

How much does Dartford Crossing make a day? Over 100,000 people use the Highways England operated Dartford Crossing every day, making it a lucrative source of money for the government. With the UK’s average salary at £29,900 and the bridge bringing in £92 million, that means that the Dartford Crossing makes 3077 times this in a year.

Then, How do I cancel my Dart Charge account? If you decide you would like to hold a Dart Charge account again, please go online at or call us on 0300 300 0120. I hereby give notice that I wish to close my Dart Charge Account.

Do electric cars pay Dart Charge?

The Dartford Crossing was previously a toll road but an electric charging system – called Dart Charge – was introduced in November 2014. The cost differs depending on the vehicle, unless you’re travelling between 10pm and 6am, when it’s free. It’s also free if you ride a moped, motorcycle, motor tricycle or quad bike.

In this regard How much does Dartford Crossing make per day? Over 100,000 people use the Highways England operated Dartford Crossing every day, making it a lucrative source of money for the government. With the UK’s average salary at £29,900 and the bridge bringing in £92 million, that means that the Dartford Crossing makes 3077 times this in a year.

Is the Dartford Tunnel free? It’s free to make the Thames crossing using the Dartford Tunnel or Queen Elizabeth II Bridge between 10pm and 6am. The same fees apply every day, including at weekends and on bank holidays.

How many people use the Dartford Crossing every day? The Dartford Crossing is one of the UK’s most important strategic roads, linking some of the country’s key manufacturing centres, distribution hubs and ports. Built almost 60 years ago, it has a total design capacity of 135,000 vehicles a day, but it carries more than 180,000 on its busiest days.

How many cars pass through Dartford tolls?

The crossing is made up of 2 tunnels and the Queen Elizabeth 2 bridge. It’s the only fixed crossing of the Thames to the east of Greater London and the busiest estuarial crossing in the UK. Up to 160,000 vehicles use it every day.

Who gets the Dartford toll money? The money is sent to the government’s Department for Transport. A spokesman for Highways England said: “Dart Charge is helping reduce delays at the Dartford Crossing despite an extra four million journeys being made there every year.

Can I get a refund on Dart Charge?

If you have a Dart Charge account and haven’t used it for a while, you can check if it’s still active by logging in or phoning customer services on 0300 300 0120. If your account has been closed, or you want to close it yourself, you can request a refund by phoning this number.

Can I get a refund on Dartford Crossing? You won’t be refunded automatically and if you later use the Dartford Crossing your account won’t be reactivated, so if you don’t pay a different way you may be fined.

How do I remove a vehicle from Dart Charge?

If you wish to cancel, you simply need to tell us. You can tell us by phone on 0300 300 0120, by writing to Dart Charge, PO Box 842, Leeds, LS1 9QF or by using the cancellation form which you can find at or in your Welcome Pack.

Can I avoid Dartford Crossing?

The only way to legally avoid payment is to travel over the crossing between the hours of 10pm and 6am, when the Dart Charge doesn’t apply.

Can you avoid Dart Charge? Are some vehicles exempt from paying the charge: Yes.

If you are currently exempt from paying the charge, that will still be the case. This includes vehicles exempt from paying road tax because they are used for disabled persons. Please contact the DVLA to confirm if your vehicle is exempt.

Do hybrids pay Dart Charge? Unfortunately, electric cars aren’t exempt from the Dart Charge; it’ll cost you £2.50 to drive an electric car over the Dartford Crossing. … But toll roads like the Dartford Crossing rarely offer any kind of discount for electric or low-emission vehicles.

Is Dartford Crossing open?

✅CLEARED✅ – the #M25 #Dartford Tunnel is now open.

Is Dartford Crossing free Christmas Day? Is the crossing free on Christmas Day 2022? No. You will need to pay when using tunnels or bridge on Christmas Day. With many people visiting friends and family, drivers might not be familiar with the payment system now that booths have been removed.

How do you avoid Dartford Crossing?

How to avoid paying the Dart Charge penalty fine

  1. Use the crossing between 10pm and 6am: …
  2. Charges apply in each direction: …
  3. Set up a Pre-pay Dart Charge account: …
  4. Set up a Pay-as-you-go account: …
  5. Pay in advance: …
  6. Check a crossing payment has been accepted: …
  7. Lodge an appeal: …
  8. Get an extra 14 days to pay the original £2.50 toll:

How long does it take to drive through Dartford Tunnel? DARTFORD CROSSING: Average journey time 10 minutes says government.

Can you walk across Dartford Crossing?

Yes, for those who are not aware of it, all you need is a bike. You can’t cycle over the bridge or through the tunnel, but what you can do is ask for a special pick-up vehicle to take you and your bike through the Dartford Crossing at Essex Point or Kent Point.

Do foreign cars pay Dart Charge? Highways England said nearly eighty per cent of foreign truckers pay the Dart Charge compared with 95per cent of UK lorries. The crossing over the Thames between Kent and Essex is the busiest stretch of road in the UK and in 2017 it earned Highways England £207.4million – forty five per cent of that in fines.

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