Do Southern Housing allow under occupancy?

Under-occupation – we will allow up to one bedspace under-occupation as part of a mutual exchange. However incoming tenants must ensure that they understand how any under-occupation will reduce the eligible rent under new benefit guidelines.

also What areas do Southern Housing cover? We manage more than 13,000 homes in Hackney, Islington, Hammersmith & Fulham, Southwark, Kensington & Chelsea, Waltham Forest, Tower Hamlets, Newham, Barking & Dagenham, Havering, Greenwich, Thurrock, Brentwood and Basildon. We have offices or hubs located in Mount Pleasant near Reading, and London.

What is the 42 day rule? A judge has the power to postpone eviction for a maximum of 42 days from the date of the possession hearing. so, if a judge orders possession in 14 days at the possession hearing, a further hearing could be applied for to stay the execution of the warrant until 28 days after the date for possession.

Then, What does mutual exchange property mean? A tenancy exchange – often called a ‘mutual exchange’ – is when you swap your home with another council or housing association tenant. It’s different to a tenancy transfer where you ask to move to another council or housing association home when one is available.

How long after a mutual exchange can you move again?

Depending on your exchange, how many parties are involved and whether you are moving long distance or moving within the local area, it can take up to 42 days for your landlords to agree on your exchange and give you permission to move from the day all parties involved hand in their mutual exchange application forms.

In this regard What’s the meaning of housing association? A housing association for Housing Benefit purposes means, in simple terms, an organisation that provides housing and does not trade for profit.

What do Southern housing do? As one of southern England’s largest housing associations, we provide more than 30,000 homes for over 77,000 people. Whether it’s traditional social housing, shared ownership, affordable rent, private market rent, or outright sales, we offer a range of services to communities across the south east of England.

Is Southern Housing Group A charity? Southern Housing Group Limited is a charitable housing association and parent body of the Group.

How do home swaps work?

A home swap is as simple as it sounds. You exchange your home with another lovely person or family for a vacation. You get to choose your ideal home and location from thousands of beautiful character homes in over 100 countries, owned by the happiest community of members – so says Trustpilot!

What can stop a mutual exchange? There are, by law, 11 grounds on which the Local Authority or Housing Association can withhold or refuse consent to a mutual exchange: Ground 1: There is a Possession Order on the property. Ground 2: A Notice of Seeking Possession has been served.

Can you swap homes with someone?

It is certainly legal for you and the other house owner to exchange homes. Each of you will enjoy the benefits of moving house without the problems that a chain can bring. … It is essential for both you and those with who you are swapping to be happy that your houses are of an equivalent value.

On what grounds can a mutual exchange be refused? Grounds for refusing consent to the exchange

Ground 1 When any rent lawfully due from a tenant under one of the existing tenancies has not been paid. – Ground 2 When an obligation under one of the existing tenancies has been broken or not performed.

Can you swap housing associations?

You can swap your council or housing association home with another tenant if you follow certain rules and get permission from your landlord. This is often called ‘mutual exchange’. Contact your landlord if you’re a housing association tenant and want to swap homes.

Can a housing association refuse a mutual exchange?

There are, by law, 11 grounds on which the Local Authority or Housing Association can withhold or refuse consent to a mutual exchange: Ground 1: There is a Possession Order on the property. … Ground 4: The property is not big enough for the family wishing to move into it. Ground 5: The property is tied accommodation.

Why would a mutual exchange be refused? Refusing a swap: the landlord

The most common reasons are that a tenant is subject to a ‘Notice of Seeking Possession’, or they want to move to a property that’s much bigger or smaller than they actually need.

Can the council force you to downsize 2020? “The council can only advise tenants on the benefits of downsizing. We cannot, and would not, force a tenant who is under-occupying a property to move to a smaller one.”

Can you swap houses with your parents?

Even though you are not transferring ownership of your home to your parents, by living in your home – which is perfectly legal – your parents can obtain a legal interest in the property despite not being the registered owners of it.

Is housing association better than council? Housing associations rent their properties through the council and sometimes you can go directly to them. A council tends to offer a Secured Tenancy with a Right To Buy your council house. A Housing Association offer Assured Tenancy agreements and you will usually have a Right To Acquire your home at a discount.

Can you decorate housing association homes?

You can improve your home if you are a secure tenant. You must get written permission from your landlord before you make any changes. … You can decorate your home, but you can’t make big changes to it.

Who qualifies for social housing UK? Eligibility

  • A British citizen who is living and settled in the UK aged 18 or over (though some councils accept applications if you have turned 16)
  • A citizen of another country with the right to stay in the UK with no restrictions on how long they can stay.

What are Southern Housing Group values?

Building trust, transparency and accountability. Investing in our homes, strengthening our communities. Listening to our residents. Empowering our people.

What are housing associations UK? Housing associations are not-for-profit social landlords that provide homes and support for around six million people all around England. Housing associations think that everyone should be able to live in a good quality home that they can afford. They are working together to make that happen.

How many housing associations are there in the UK?

As of April 21 2021, there were more than 1,600 social housing providers registered in the United Kingdom (UK), the largest share of which are non-profit (1,356), followed by Local authorities at 215 and for-profit companies at 53.

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