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List : Top 20 Online Infographic maker Tools (2020 Edition)

Online Infographic maker Tools
Online Infographic maker Tools

Best Online Infographic maker 2020 : As you may have noticed, photos, charts, sketches or online infographics are popular! Graphic support allows you to convey a message or information clearly, quickly and efficiently.

More and more, we see companies taking the time to create online infographics and charts to disseminate their expertise and prove their credibility to the people who are part of their ecosystem: visitors to their website, their customers or their partners who are likely to relay these rich and easy to share supports!

On the internet, there are many services, sites and companies that offer the service of infographic creation, but it takes time and money to find your best tool for this. The Awards team presents you the list of the best online Infographic Maker to create your perfect charts & graphics easily, the list includes free tools, others offer a free demo.

What is Infographics ?

Infographic creation is the field of computer-aided digital image creation. This activity is related to graphic arts.Infographic creation also includes the techniques of finalising the work of the graphic designer using computer tools. This profession was born with the event of computer science; it is the continuity of graphic design in all its previous forms.

Infographic making is the application of computer science to the creation, processing and exploitation of images. It is the art of modifying the media, of creating a visual with the computer tool. Infographic creation is used in many fields: advertising, films, television, video games, videos, logos, etc…

Thus, a graphic designer can have several strings to his bow.

The most commonly used software in infographic creation are the following: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign. I wouldn’t brag about mastering them all, there are so many possibilities! People asking me advice to achieve such or such effect I tell them that these softwares are so vast; each one has its own method, and for the same effect several solutions are possible. It is thus enough to find its own method to master the result.

Why Use Infographics in your content ?

Information has always been a powerful tool for engaging the human spirit. Facts, figures and expert analysis have great persuasive power. By letting your audience know and see what you want them to see, you gain the ability to influence their beliefs and decision-making.

The challenge here is to find the most effective way to present information to convince your audience.

The importance of visual content
The importance of visual content

One of our predominant senses being sight, we tend to visualize the elements in order to assimilate them. This is why the use of infographics allows us to greatly improve the understanding and retention of information.

It is often easier to summarize a fact or a trend via a graph or to display an icon to illustrate a symbolic fact.

In recent years, infographics has become a popular way to visualize data interactively and profitably using photos, icons, images, graphics and other visual elements.

As a result, the way of obtaining information has changed. There are several important factors that influence the perception of information. Today, the problem is not how to obtain information, but how to filter useful data.

Top Online Infographic maker Tools (2020 Edition)

A picture is sometimes more meaningful than a long speech! They allow us to understand at a glance the main lessons of a quantitative study, for example.

Some people also use this type of visualization to present their skills in an original CV. Many online infographics makers exist to easily create a computer graphics: we have selected the best online tools in 2020.

best infographic websites


According to a study by Jakob Nelson, Internet users read an average of 20% of the words on a web page during a visit.  This is because we tend not to read the entire content and extract a maximum amount of useful information in a short period of time.

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Sharing structured data using interactive graphs is therefore a good way to condense a maximum of information and offer a quick overview to your audience. It is also an effective way to showcase your skills via an interactive CV for example.

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