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List : Vote for the Best Turkish Actors of All time

List : Vote for the Best Turkish Actors of All time
List : Vote for the Best Turkish Actors of All time

Best Turkish Actors : From Dubai to Athens, through Pakistan, the Middle East and the Balkan countries, everyone is snapping up Turkish TV series. In 2011, Turkey became the second largest producer of series after the United States with more than 150 million viewers in 76 countries.

Let’s discover the most handsome and best actors from turkey according to the public !

We want to choose the best Turkish Actors. This list is composed of popular actors and top names for this season. Choose your favourite actor and vote for her/him.

List : Vote for the Best Turkish Actors and Actresses of All Time

About The List

From December and until April 2020, Awards organizes a public poll to design the three best Turkish Actors in 2020. The competition is public and if your favorite actor is missing from the list do not hesitate to write his name in comments section.

Awards Editorial

After creating the Best Arab TV Presenters, following our Top celebrities, we decided to dedicate the beauty and charm of the Turkish actors. It includes Turkish actors past and present years, many of them in the past worked as a model and won a very prestigious modeling contest that later served as a good ticket to the world of cinema.

Turkish cinema (movies, series) won their decent place. In many of the Internet fan clubs and forums dedicated to Turkish cinema, as well as actors and actresses.


  1. To vote, just click on the actor of your choice.
  2. It is possible to vote only once every 24 hours.
  3. Each vote is counted as one vote.
  4. You can vote for two entries.
  5. It is possible to suggest the addition of an entry in the comments section.
  6. Don’t forget to share the voting page with your friends on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

General information

More popular than Scandi noir. Bigger than British dramas. And even giving American heavyweight programming a run for its money. Turkey is gradually becoming a global television superpower.
Turkish television – an appealing blend of social issues and strong cultural themes – is one of the most buoyant entertainment industries in the world. In fact, the country is now only second to the US in terms of biggest TV show exporters, having overtaken Brazil and Mexico.
The ongoing boom period, which remains largely unknown to the majority of casual viewers in the West, began in 1999. Since then, Turkish drama serials – which are the most popular form of TV in the country – have been seen across the rest of the world by billions of people.

Vote for your favorite 📺

What is Your best Turkish Actors and Actresses

Gözden uzak olan gönülden de uzak olur.

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Facts & More Informations

  • Thanks to international sales and global viewership, Turkey is second only to the US in worldwide TV distribution – finding huge audiences in Russia, China, Korea and Latin America. At present, Chile is the largest consumer of dizi in terms of number of shows sold, while Mexico, then Argentina, pay the most to buy them.
  • In 2004 Turkish TV exports were worth $10,000. By 2017, that figure grew to $350 million. The aim, according to Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) head Mehmet Büyükekşi, is to hit the eye-watering sum of $2 billion by 2023 for what he calls “cultural exports”, with TV dramas expected to make up over half that total.


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