Marketing : Top 21 Advertising Agencies in Beirut, Lebanon (2019 Edition)
Marketing : Top 21 Advertising Agencies in Beirut, Lebanon (2019 Edition)

Marketing : Top 21 Advertising Agencies in Beirut, Lebanon (2019 Edition)

A complete list of the top marketing and advertising agencies in Beirut, Lebanon. Hiring the Right Marketing and Advertising Agencies in Lebanon for Your Business is the Biggest Differentiator between Companies that Win and the Ones that Lose!

When hiring a company for advertising, it becomes necessary for the company to have a good track record. The reason for this is, for a subjective thing such as advertising, the only metric of success is popularity and increase in revenue.

The marketing and advertising agencies listed below cover a wide range of services such as digital marketing, growth hacking, PPC, campaign management, social media, SEO, content marketing, PR and anything else you can think of to get customers in the door. Discover our list of Top 21 Advertising Agencies in Lebanon.

Marketing : Top Advertising Agencies in Beirut, Lebanon (2019 Edition)

Advertising Sector in Lebanon

Advertising is one of the most expanding and evolving sectors in an economy. Even as one advertising platform’s growth slows or loses relative share, another takes its place, gaining people’s attention with new modes of digital interaction, mobility, or social networking.

While technology has always been a driver of change in this sector increasing digitization has escalated the speed of its transformation. Globally, total advertising spending has been on the rise, increasing by a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.25% since 2008, where it is forecasted to reach $1.56T, by the end of 2015. During that period, digital advertising was the fastest growing segment, with a GAGR of 15.93%, to reach $167.76B in 2015.

Top Advertising Agencies in Beirut, Lebanon : Advertising Sector.
Top Advertising Agencies in Beirut, Lebanon : Advertising Sector.

In Lebanon, there is a consensus among market players that the size of the digital advertising market stands between $22M and $24M in 2015. Specifically, Ziad Nassar, co-founder of AddBloom, mentioned that the size of the market is $24M, while the Arab Media Forum report expects it to be T $22.7M.

Demand for digital advertising has been increasing, at a compounded annual growth rate of 55.59% since 2009, according to Arab Media Forum.

Due to low barriers to entry, the digital advertising sector is highly competitive, with more than 700 companies. The market players are either big advertising agencies that expanded and added online marketing to their services, or new start-ups dealing only with digital advertising.

Digital advertising has showed the highest compounded growth, followed by magazine and television with much lower CAGRs of 2.53% and 2.49%, respectively. The other categories of advertising saw declines in the budget allocated to them. In total, advertising spending has increased by a compounded annual rate of 2.62% to $174.6M.

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List of Top Advertising Agencies in Beirut

best ad agencies in beirut


The shift from traditional to digital media is gaining a foothold, a normal evolution when considering the many advantages online advertising possesses over traditional and the increasing time spam consumers are spending over the internet. Digital advertising is cheaper than other platform of advertisement taking into consideration the advantages it has.

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Google Adword, Instagram and Facebook has been the most digital advertising platforms being demanded in the past two years due to its practicality, low cost, and wide reach. However, recently many advertisers are looking beyond this social giant and exploring additional channels such as YouTube.

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