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Most Expensive And Worth-Playing Golf Courses In The World

Golf is the best game to play along the coastline. When you play golf near a desert, lakes as well as mountains it makes you play the most beautiful of all. When the course of golf meets the world’s best lands, then it makes your most epic experience of life. The advisors of golf are always ready to advise you about the best play area of golf.

Golf is the sport of kings for those who are great fan and lover of this game. It is best to play at leisure time which draws the human mind away from the worries of the world and people love to spend the precious time in it. Most of the people love to have golf courses in the beautiful area so they want to know which place is best to go and have the best training at.

Most of the golf courses are easily affordable by all people who have a passion to get training in golf. Few of the worthy places own most expensive golf courses because it takes too much money to reach those beautiful places of the world. Hawaii is the world’s best place to have a good course in golf and it is beautiful as well. It is the greatest hub for all lovers of golf. In this post, we will throw some light on the most expensive and beautiful golf courses in the world.

Top 4 Most Expensive Golf Courses

Shadow Creek Golf Course

Most Expensive And Worth-Playing Golf Courses

Shadow Creek golf course is the world’s expensive and beautiful place to play the golf. It is mainly located in Las Vegas, United States. It is one of the most opulent and luxurious golf clubs. It is associated with the 18th hole golf course which makes it most interesting from all.

The course of this golf club has given a beautiful and amazing touch to people of Las Vegas. People of Las Vegas not only enjoy the amazing parties at that place but they also love to enjoy the game of golf which now becomes the life of them. The golf match between Phil Mickelson and Tiger woods was mainly hosted at this beautiful Shadow Creek golf course.

Pebble Beach Golf Course

Most Expensive Golf Courses
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Pebble Beach golf course is also the world’s expensive course which is located in California. This golf course is famous for the beautiful and breathtaking surrounding views of the world. The worth of this golf course is approximately $475 and it seems it is the second most expensive area. Douglas Grant is the best designer who designed it according to the benefits of the players. Numerous golf publications ranked this as one of the most beautiful and best golf course. Most of the people are crazy to spend their money just to view the Californian coastline.

Royal Melbourne Golf Course

Most Expensive Golf Courses

Melbourne is the capital of Australia and seems to be lucky enough to have 10 beautiful golf course in it. The epitome of golf is the Royal Melbourne golf course and people from all over the world come to enjoy the scenic views of this golf course. The interesting and amazing fact about this golf course is that it owns several unique stylish vehicles which are really a great way to enjoy. The construction of this golf course is really eye-catching that it shows bushes, trees as well as shrubs in between the holes. $300 is the green fee for this Royal Melbourne golf course.

The Ocean Course

Most Expensive Golf Courses

The Ocean course is one of the beautiful and expensive golf course which is mainly located in Kiawah Island, South Carolina. It was one of the toughest golf courses in the year 2010 and people love to play at this course as a challenge. This golf course shows an incredible Atlantic Ocean views which are worth-watching. The price of playing golf in this area is approximately $350. It is the course which mainly challenges your ability of golf playing.


The most expensive and best golf courses in the world are worth-watching and most of the people love to have a tour of these places to refresh their minds. Playing at the above-mentioned golf courses can be the best and worth cherishing experience one can ever have in life. Go and enjoy the world’s best golf course.

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