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Music Lists : The World’s Top 5 Most Expensive Pianos

Playing with pianos is a creative and interesting hobby to make beautiful memories of life. Most of the people love to do a piano playing job and they consider it a passion. The most expensive pianos in the world are fancy and worth-watching. Few of the pianos are made up of wood which gives them an alluring look and people love to enjoy.

Most of the people want to invest their money on the expensive piano because they think that it is a great thing to do in life. The world now loves expensive and extraordinary things. The builders of pianos are trying their best to add extraordinary instruments in expensive pianos to make them perform well throughout life.

The world’s expensive pianos are not only expensive but they are also beautiful and charming. The cases of expensive pianos are full of luxuries and they give a luxurious appearance. The expensive pianos are made up of metals, gemstones, paintings as well as rare woods. Keeping in view the combination of all these expensive material, expensive pianos worth millions of dollars. If you want to purchase an expensive piano for home, then it may be a lifetime investment for you. In this article, we will discuss the most expensive pianos in the world.

The 5 World’s Most Expensive Pianos

Fazioli Gold Leaf Piano

World's Most Expensive Pianos Fazioli Gold Leaf Piano

Fazioli is the favorite brand of most of the people which mainly offers gold leaf piano with distinctive elements. Fazioli Gold Leaf piano is the unique and stylish piano with the worth of $450,000 which is the huge amount. This piano is enriched with 24-carat gold which makes it the most expensive piano. The hat of this piano reminds us of the Versailles grandeur to make it unique. The gold leaf piano is protected by the transparent polyester which gives an illuminating look to the piano. 

Galaxy Piano

most expensive pianos Galaxy Piano $1.36million

Galaxy piano is the one which mainly features an automatic lid, curved keys as well as the fibreglass which is made up of gold. The is one of the best pianos to buy because it holds beautiful features in it. Galaxy Piano is the luxurious piano which mainly has a rival and one of the easiest pianos to play with. This piano is not only a world’s best musical instrument but also coated with 24k gold. The worth of this piano is $1.36 million.

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John Lennon’s Steinway Piano

most expensive pianos John Lennon’s Steinway Piano

John Lennon’s Steinway piano is the expensive piano which mainly sold for the $2.27 million. This is one of the best pianos which John Lennon played during his life and enjoyed the luxuries of this piano. The song of this singer become top-rated after playing with the ivory keys of this very expensive piano.

Marilyn Monroe’s Grand Piano

Marilyn Monroe’s Grand piano worth of $662,500

Marilyn Monroe’s Grand piano is available in the white color which gives it a unique and distinguished look. This white piano is elegant and classy that attracts the people to buy and enjoy the luxuries of life. Marilyn Monroe is the famous symbol of Hollywood who played with this piano and makes it the world’s expensive and luxurious piano.

The piano depicts the autobiography of Marilyn which is the interesting thing because she made history with this piano. This piano mainly has an astounding worth of $662,500 which makes it an expensive piano in the world.

Heintzman Crystal Piano

most expensive piano the Heintzman Crystal Piano

As the name depicts, Heintzman crystal piano is coated with crystals which makes it expensive. This is mainly the Heintzman piano which is a Canadian based manufacturer. This masterpiece is coated with crystals all over the body and it gives a shining as well as alluring look.

The piano made up of entire crystals was once played in the Olympics and gained popularity all over the world. This piano worth $3.3 million. Heintzman crystal piano has an interesting feature of automatic playing along with the beautiful voices and sounds fitted in it.


marilyn monroe with her baby grand piano
marilyn monroe with her baby grand piano ny
marilyn monroe with her baby grand piano ny
marilyn monroe with her baby grand piano ny


The most expensive piano in the world attracts the music singer who wants to gain name and fame all over the world. They think that expensive pianos are their luxuries and best investment. The world’s expensive pianos are coated with different and stylish diamonds, gold, crystals and many expensive gemstones to make them full of luxuries.

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