Awards Partners Program is a high-performance award-winning system built for flexibility, ease-of-use. Free-up your time to focus on making your program the best it can be, from start-to-finish. Partnership with us, create your business Awards with us !

Awards® - The #1 Official Awards & People's Choice Source
Awards® – The #1 Official Awards & People’s Choice Source

Accept entry to your program 100% online. Entrants register fast to access an intuitive self-service system where they create, enter multiple categories, and pay for entries, views or nominations. Better ROI from ease-of-use encourages increased revenue from submission fees, and higher user-satisfaction than alternatives.

What we propose for partners

  • Unlimited entries
  • Fast registration
  • Entry management
  • Track volume
  • Track completion
  • Flexible category configuration
  • Accessibility
  • DATA Export and reports

if you are interested in organizing your contest with us, we invite you to fill out the following form and we will answer you within 24 hours :