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Sit back and enjoy the world’s Most Expensive Cigars Ever

Smoking cigar is the thing which has a great association with class, luxury as well as wealth. The wide variety of cigars are available all over the world. The finest cigars are made up of the best leaves of tobacco which are wrapped in the perfect wrappers to attract the people. Enjoying the taste of Most Expensive Cigars is a distinctive experience for most of the people which mainly makes them habitual to it.

Most of the people love to have cigar parties on special occasions and they think that it’s a big symbol of status which mainly enhance their status. The delicate process of cigars are worth-watching and the makers put their effort to give the cigars best flavor and character.

Most of the people are confusing about the best cigars and which are valuable of all. The brands of the cigar are many and people love to taste every brand because they are passionate to change the taste. Effective men are known to parade their certainty as well as their cigars. Cigar smoking is a hobby that most of the people love to enjoy with their friends as well as families.

Most of the people love to celebrate the happy event of their life with their friends and enjoy smoking with them. In this post, we will discuss some of the most expensive cigars in the world.

Top 4 Most Expensive Cigars

Mayan Sicars

Mayan Sicars priciest cigars in the world
Mayan Sicars

Mayan Sicars is the world’s most expensive cigar which can be purchased at a high level. Although this cigar is many years old but this is preserved at a high level and can still be smoked by the people. This cigar mainly originated from Maya civilisation which makes it interesting of all. The taste of Mayans are always good that’s why people are crazy after this cigar. Christopher Columbus is the famous personality who carried this cigar to Europe. The cost of this cigar is $5.7 and the rich people can buy this.

Arturo Fuente Opus Cigar

 Arturo Fuente Opus Cigar priciest cigars in the world
Arturo Fuente Opus Cigar

Arturo Fuente Opus Cigar is highly demanded cigar and it is difficult to find for most of the rich people. Arturo Fuente is the world’s famous cigar manufacturer who makes this cigar and the worth of this cigar is quite high. The cigar is seven-inch long and BBMF is mainly carved on each cigarette which makes this cigar the most unique and interesting of all. Each piece of this cigar is available with the worth of $55 and if you are lucky to find it then try this cigar.

Cohiba Behike Cigar

Cohiba priciest cigars in the world

The most famous brand of cigar is Cohiba which was mainly introduced in 2006 and was the highly recommended cigar of the world at that time. Cohiba Behike cigar is the world’s famous and popular cigar which is eye-watering for all. The size of this famous cigar is 52 inches and it owns a length of 7.5 inches which is the interesting feature of this cigar. The boxes of a cigar are available in many varieties all over the world. The total worth of this cigar accounts $18K per box.

Double Corona Regius Cigar 

Double Corona Regius Top most expensive cigars in the world
Double Corona Regius

A regius cigar is a famous brand who mainly introduced this Double Corona cigar. The flavor and taste of this cigar are very special and those who once taste it becomes a big fan of this cigar.

Although, it is the most expensive cigar in the world but most of the people love to have this cigar. The worth of this cigar is nearly $54k. The best part of this cigar is that the buyers of this cigar can see the production level of this from start to end. It gives benefits to its buyers. This cigar is available in New York, London as well as Hong Kong.

Gurkha Black Dragon

Gurkha Black Dragon Top most expensive cigars in the world

Gurkha Black Dragon is the cigars which are rarely seen and available because of its high cost but most of the people love to find this cigar. The box of this cigar mainly cost $23K. The wrappers of this cigar are made of Broadleaf Madura with Dominican filler which is the interesting fact of this cigar. They are mainly placed in the boxes of leather. They have an 8.5 inches length with a complex and sweet flavor.


Assorted Cuban Cigars
Assorted Cuban Cigars

Different expensive cigars are available in markets all over the world and most of them are sold on auction. Most of the people love to buy them and taste the priciest cigar of the world and try to know the speciality of these cigars. The people who smoked cigars are addicted to it and love to smoke on a daily basis.

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