The List Of Top 6 Richest African Countries In 2020

The measurement of wealth can account in many different ways but GDP is the common and easy technique to accomplish the accurate measurement of any Richest African Countries. In this, the goods and services of the country are measured and the total population of the country is then divided.

Most of the countries in Africa are enjoying one of the fastest-growing economies. The biggest component of the economy of Africa includes natural resources, trade as well as agriculture. The recovery and oil production in Nigeria is the biggest commodity and people of Nigeria are enjoying their special production of oil which is the expensive process. The African countries are rich in oil production, fishing, communication technologies, farming as well as forestry.

Combination of all these makes Africa one of the richest and beautiful country in the world. Most of the people love to visit African countries and do export and import business. They are crazy after these countries because they want to know the real cause behind the richness of the African countries. In this post, we will discuss the top 6 richest African countries in the world.

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Top 6 wealthiest African countries


As per GDP, Seychelles is one of the richest nations which owns high ranking all over the world. This country is mainly the home of more than 1 lakh people. This country mainly focuses on fishing and tourism which make it the richest one. Most of the people love to enjoy their honeymoon at this island nation of Africa and luxurious resorts are the big source of attraction for tourists from all over the world.

Equatorial Guinea

The people of this country only speaks Spanish and they are one of the richest people in the world. GDP per capita also reports Equatorial Guinea as one of the richest African country filled with more than 1.3 million people. Although this is the small African nation but people love to enjoy life on the coast side of Central Africa. The major contributors of this country are fishing, farming, forestry as well as oil. After the foundation of large reserves oil, this country became the richest country of the world having the largest producers of oil. The export partners are China and France.


Botswana is a safe African country which also owns the fastest-growing economies. Most of the people almost 80% are working within the department of agriculture in this country. The mining of Diamond and minerals makes this country the wealthier of all. Tourism within this country is a vital part of this richest country in the world. The 2.4 million people are enjoying their life in this country and love to work in this beautiful country of the world.


The most wealthy nation of African island is Mauritius and it is a beautiful place to have a tour. The country is enjoying the highest Human Development Index. The main contributors include communication technology, financial services as well as manufacturing. The combination of all these makes this country the wealthier among all. People love to go for a honeymoon to enjoy in this country.


The population of Algeria is more than 43 million and is the rich country of Africa by GDP per capita. The growth of the economy in this country has been increasing day by day and mainly exports natural gas as well as petroleum. The exporting partners include Spain, Italy and France which depicts the importance of this country.


In Africa, Gabon is also the highest and Richest African Country . The reason behind its wealth is the oil sector which mainly accounts for 50% of GDP which is really a high amount. People are working hard to achieve their goals and they are enjoying the luxurious life in this beautiful nation of Africa. The main contributors are timber as well as manganese. The main export partners include the United States and China.

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The higher population of the African countries are enjoying the higher GDP. The richest African countries are enjoying the luxurious life and have consistent growth of the economy. When it comes to the natural resources of Africa, this continent is the richest on the earth. If the African countries remain stable for a long time then they can have huge potential. Richest African countries are enjoying the fastest economy.

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