Top 6 highest-paid football players In 2019 : #1 with $127m net worth

Football is the most interesting game which involves the ball kicking in order to score a goal to win the game. The highest-paid football players always work hard for the achievement of the winner trophy. Most of the people love to play this game and it becomes their hobby for the lifetime. Football provides you with an active and healthy life.

There are several numbers of football forms which are commonly called the football codes. Many surprise faces owned the world’s best football player award as well as they are also getting the highest pay and play on the international level.

The people from all over the world come to see the game of the world’s best and highest-paid football players which mainly inspired them and encouraged them. Football is mainly the team sports game which involves the whole family and this is the most common in the whole world.

The football codes include association football, Gaelic football, gridiron football and rugby football. The people are now moving to start their career as a football player because it is not only a sport but also the highest-paid profession. 2019 is the year full of talented and struggling people. In this article, we will discuss the highest-paid footballers in 2019.

Top 6 highest-paid football players :

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi highest-paid footballers in 2019

Lionel Messi is the name of the world’s most talented player of football. He through his struggle gained name and fame all over the world. He is located in Europe and known as the world’s highest-paid footballer.

He is the player who also contracted with Barcelona 127 million euros which is the highest amount given to this amazing player. He is the player who also won the national team title in the world. This player is now enjoying a luxurious life with a monthly salary of approximately 8.3 million euro which makes him the best and talented player of this planet.

Christiano Ronaldo

highest-paid footballers in 2019

Christiano Ronaldo is the talented star of Portuguese who is also the highest-paid football player in the world. This amazing player owns a week wage with euro 50K which depicts the skills of this player. This amazing player also signed a deal of euro 30 million yearly with the new club of his country. It is estimated that the Christiano Ronaldo receives the salary of approximately 4.7 million euro making him the highest-paid football player on this earth.


highest-paid footballers in 2019

Neymar is the player who is also the world’s highest-paid footballer in the year 2019. The world knows this player just because of his talent and skills. The people from all over the world come to see the game of this amazing player and enjoyed the game. This talented player is the big source of inspiration for his lovers. It is estimated that this player is enjoying the monthly salary of almost euro 3.6 million.

Antoine Griezman

highest-paid footballers in 2019
Antoine GRIEZMANN – Camp Nou – Barcelone (Espagne)

Antoine Griezman is the player who owns the third position on the list of the world’s best football player. Because of his dealing with Spain club, he is now enjoying the monthly salary of 3.3 million euro. He also loves to host the different European elite level clubs which is also the talent filled in this highest-paid player.

Luiz Suarez

highest-paid footballers in 2019
Luiz Suarez

Luiz Suarez is the name of the highest-paid international player who is also a world’s best striker. This talented player loves to play for FC Barcelona. The player won several titles and trophies which are the best achievement of life. For his wage, this skilful player earns 2.9 million euros on a monthly basis. People from different countries love to watch the football match of this amazing player in the world.

Philippe Coutinho

highest-paid footballers in 2019
Philippe Coutinho

Philippe Coutinho is also the name of the world’s highest-paid Spanish player and ranks on the 7th position on the list. He arrived in Barcelona for the football team and did his best to earn fame and name all over the world. This awesome football player is earning 2.2 million euro on a monthly basis.



The highest-paid football players are enjoying life and gained popularity all over the world. Most of the people love to watch their game on the international platform. Enter into the field of football is not only a start of a good career but also the start of fame all over the world.

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