What do you mean by expressing?

expressed; expressing; expresses. Essential Meaning of express. 1 : to talk or write about (something that you are thinking or feeling) He expressed an interest in meeting her. We expressed (to them) our thoughts/feelings/views on the subject. She expressed surprise at his rude behavior.

also What is the meaning of fee amount? A fee is the amount of money that a person or organization is paid for a particular job or service that they provide. Find out how much your surveyor’s and solicitor’s fees will be. Synonyms: charge, pay, price, cost More Synonyms of fee.

How do you define fee? A fee is a fixed price charged for a specific service. Fees are applied in a variety of ways such as costs, charges, commissions, and penalties. Fees are most commonly found in heavily transactional services and are paid in lieu of a wage or salary.

Then, What does express business mean? An express company is a business developed in the United States which provides for the speedy transmission of parcels or merchandise of any kind and their safe delivery in good condition.

How do you say Express?

In this regard What is an example of express? The definition of express is something that has a specific purpose or something that operates at a faster-than-normal speed. An example of express is when the purpose to go to a store is just to buy milk. An example of express is a train that gets you where you are going five times faster than other trains.

What is the difference between express delivery and standard delivery? One of the main differences between standard and express shipping is the delivery time. In standard shipping, the regular delivery time ranges from two to eight days, while in express shipping it is around one day as the product is shipped via air couriers. … Express shipping is apt for urgent and quick deliveries.

What does express delivery mean? Express delivery is the fastest form of shipping. The customer pays an extra shipping cost for this type of delivery, as the shipment will get transported to him anywhere between 24 to 72 hours. Delivery by express is the fastest delivery method.

What’s another name for Express?

Some common synonyms of express are air, broach, utter, vent, and voice.

What is the opposite for Express? What is the opposite of express?

vague nonspecific
unclear unspecific
implied inexplicit
obscure obscured
uncertain ambiguous

What is a similar word to express?

communicate, convey, indicate, show, demonstrate, reveal, intimate, manifest, make manifest, exhibit, evidence, put across, put over, get across, get over. articulate, put into words, utter, voice, give voice to, give expression to, enunciate, pronounce, verbalize, word, phrase, render, frame, couch.

What are express and implied terms? The terms of the employment contract, which are not necessarily written, are called implied terms. … Implied terms are subject to the trust of the participating parties in the business contract. Express terms are the ones that have been specifically mentioned on the agreement, which is usually written.

What is express agreement?

An express contract is an exchange of promises in which the terms by which the parties agree to be bound are declared either orally or in writing, or a combination of both, at the time it is made.

What is express implied contract?

An express contract is one in which the terms and conditions are spelled out in the contract, either verbally or in writing. … An implied contract is one in which the terms and conditions are inferred by the actions of the parties involved.

Is express shipping worth? If you’re a casual online shopper who’s not in a rush for the items to show up on their doorstep, expedited shipping probably isn’t worth the extra cost. But there are many times paying the extra money is well worth it—even necessary. It all comes down to your specific needs and circumstances.

How long is express delivery? Delivery within 1-2 working days. This is a fully trackable service.

How much does it cost to express ship a package?

Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Products

Free Supplies 7 Shipping Price
Flat Rate Envelope $23.50 Commercial Base $26.95 at Post Office & Online
Legal Flat Rate Envelope $23.75 Commercial Base $27.10 at Post Office & Online
Padded Flat Rate Envelope $23.95 Commercial Base $27.50 at Post Office & Online

Is express shipping expensive? Price: Express shipping is more expensive than postal shipping, as there is an extra cost for the expedited shipping. … While tracking services are available for USPS standard shipping, Customer Service: You can expect better customer service when you opt for express shipping.

How much does it cost for express shipping?

Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Products

Free Supplies 7 Shipping Price
Flat Rate Envelope $23.50 Commercial Base $26.95 at Post Office & Online
Legal Flat Rate Envelope $23.75 Commercial Base $27.10 at Post Office & Online
Padded Flat Rate Envelope $23.95 Commercial Base $27.50 at Post Office & Online

How do you express yourself? Ways of Expressing Yourself

  1. Keeping a journal/diary.
  2. Writing a blog (anonymous or not)
  3. Creating stories that reflect what we are going through or have been through.
  4. Writing poetry.
  5. Using journaling prompts.

What is a word for express an opinion?

Comment is one of the most common words used for when someone is expressing an opinion. A comment can be spoken or written.

How do you use express in a sentence? Express sentence example

  1. I cannot find words to express to you my displeasure. …
  2. At the time she had thought he was trying to express his love. …
  3. Why speak, when words cannot express what one feels? …
  4. Meanwhile the desire to express myself grew.

What is the opposite expensive?

Cheap– It refers to something that is inexpensive or low-priced. It is the opposite in meaning too expensive.

What’s another word for expressing yourself? In this page you can discover 5 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for express oneself, like: communicate one’s thoughts, express, do-one-s-thing, communicate and communicate one’s feelings.

What is another word for where?

In this page you can discover 28 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for where, like: in which, anywhere, at which place?, in what place?, in what direction?, at which point, wherever, in whatever place, as-far-as, whither and to-what-end.

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