What states are East Coast railroad?

Divisions. The geographical jurisdiction of East Coast Railway zone extends over three states encompassing almost all of Odisha and Bastar, Mahasamund and Dantewada districts of Chhattisgarh and a minor part [Palasa, Sompeta and seven other stations] of Srikakulam district in Andhra Pradesh.

also Which East Coast trains are Cancelled? ECoR bound/originating & passing through trains that have been cancelled are as follows:

  • 12821 Shalimar-Puri from February 1 to 4.
  • 12822 Puri-Shalimar from February 1 to 4.
  • 12073 Howrah-Bhubaneswar from February 1 to 4.
  • 12074 Howrah Jan Shatabdi Express from February 1 to 4.

How many stations are there in Sambalpur? There are four other railway stations serving Sambalpur, viz. Sambalpur Road railway station (SBPD), Sambalpur City railway station (SBPY), Hirakud (HKG), across the Mahanadi and Maneswar railway station (MANE).

Sambalpur Junction railway station.

Sambalpur junction
Zone(s) East Coast Railway
Division(s) Sambalpur
Opened 1889

Then, How many divisions are there in Bhubaneswar? Odisha has 03 Divisions, 30 Districts, 58 Sub-Divisions, 317 Tahasils and 314 Blocks.

What is East Coast India?

The eastern coast of India is located along the east coast of India. … The eastern coast cuts through the three Indian states: Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Odisha. So, it is also has some regional names like Utkal Coast in the Odisha and Coromandel Coast or Payan Ghat in the Tamil Nadu.

In this regard How do I get a refund for a Cancelled train? If your train is cancelled due to accidents, breaches or floods and any other reason, you will be refunded the full fare paid by you. To claim this refund, you should surrender your ticket within three days of the scheduled de-parture of the train.

Is Epass required for train travel? Covid Epass for Travel

For a swift interstate movement, a Covid e-pass or a movement pass is mandatory. … However, if someone has to cross the state border to catch a flight or train, then Covid e-pass is not required as long as the person has a confirmed flight/train ticket.

Are trains running in Odisha? It is yet to resume local passenger and intercity trains in Odisha. … Before Covid, 84 pairs of trains were running in the East Coast Railway (ECoR) region. But now only 66 pairs of trains are running in the zone as special trains.

What is the station code of Sambalpur?

Sambalpur Railway Station(station code – SBP) is well-connected to all major Indian cities.

What is the STD code of Sambalpur? STD & PIN Codes

Area Code
Sambalpur 0663
Kuchinda 06642
Rairakhol 06644
Naktideul 06648

How many RMS are there in Odisha?

Organization chart. There are Twenty Postal Divisions, three RMS Divisions two Postal Stores Depots, one Circle Stamp Depot, two P&T Dispensaries, one Postal Accounts Office, one Postal Civil Division in Odisha Circle.

What are the 58 subdivision of Odisha? The state is divided into 58 sub-divisions, 317 Tahsils, 314 Blocks and 6234 GPs. There are 51349 villages in Odisha and 107 Urban Local Bodies.

Capital City : Bhubaneswar
CD Blocks : 314
Urban Local Bodies : 107
Gram Panchayats : 6234
Villages : 51349

• 6 Feb 2020

Which district is biggest in Odisha?

Districts of Orissa

# District Population
1 Ganjam 3,529,031
2 Cuttack 2,624,470
3 Mayurbhanj 2,519,738
4 Baleshwar 2,320,529

What is called East Coast?

The East Coast of the United States, also known as the Eastern Seaboard, the Atlantic Coast, and the Atlantic Seaboard, is the coastline along which the Eastern United States meets the North Atlantic Ocean.

Is DC considered East Coast? The capital of the United States, Washington D.C. is part of the region known as the East Coast but is landlocked and is sandwiched between Maryland and Virginia. East Coast States with coastal access to the Atlantic Ocean.

What borders India’s east coast? India, or the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. Bounded by the Indian Ocean on the south and the Bay of Bengal on the south-east, it shares land borders with China, Nepal, and Bhutan to the north-east; and Burma and Bangladesh to the east.

What happens to ticket when train is Cancelled?

If you have booked train tickets through IRCTC, then you do not need to cancel e-ticket if your train has been cancelled by the railways as the ticket will automatically get cancelled and you will get a refund soon. … Full fare will be credited back into users accounts from which payment was made,” IRCTC said.

How can I check my ticket cancellation?

  1. Visit IRCTC website. Go to the official website of IRCTC- irctc.co.in- to check the status of your refund process. …
  2. Login to the IRCTC website. On the IRCTC homepage, click on ‘LOGIN’ which is written red color. …
  3. My Transaction. Once you logged in, click on ‘My Transaction’ under the ‘My Account’ tab. …
  4. Ticket Refund History.

How do you get refund if train is partially Cancelled?

File TDR for Train tickets booked through IRTCTC

  1. Login to your IRCTC Account.
  2. Click to Booked Ticket History.
  3. List of tickets where date of Journey has elapsed.
  4. Select PNR for which TDR is to be filed and click “File TDR” Button.
  5. Open passenger name from the ticket details for claiming TDR refund.

Can we take ticket in railway? Indian Railways has allowed passengers to travel in train even with platform tickets. The passenger who has to board the train for an emergency can now travel carrying platform ticket. … In case, if you don’t get a reserved seat, a penalty of of Rs 250 can be charged along with your cost of destination ticket.

How can I get ePass for Kerala?


  1. Emergency pass will be allowed for within the state.
  2. The applicant should attach valid supporting documents.
  3. No pass is required for exit from kerala.
  4. Download Sandes App, to avoid waiting for SMS OTP.

Is E Pass required for train travel to Tamil Nadu? E Pass is required only in case of hill station travel. https://eregister.tnega.org/#/user/pass.

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