10 Behati Prinsloo Photos Without Makeup

10 Behati Prinsloo Photos Without Makeup

10 Behati Prinsloo Photos Without Makeup


Born in South Africa in 1989, the hazel-eyed model has been a regular in the tabloids and picked out by top agencies due to her modeling career. She has modeled for lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret since 2008 and was selected as the lead angel in 2009. She is currently married to Maroon 5 team leader Adam Levine, and the couple are expecting their first child in 2016. Behati is fluent in her native Afrikaans, despite being educated in English.

1. Shoot:

Seeing her posing for the camera in a black hat, her look is nothing short of elegant. A black striped tee and collared piece add more glamour.

2. Blonde:

Behati Prinsloo can be seen here without makeup, flaunting her newfound love with bangs and blonde hair. Despite the attention her bangs drew, she looked so good she could even go out confidently without a hint of Cole in her eyes.

3. Prepare for the ramp:

Check out Behati Prinsloo without makeup, her hair pinned to a roller, and a cheerful smile on her face. The coat is arguably Victoria’s Secret, and she’s clearly delighted with the show and her presence on it.

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4. Starbucks Day:

With green tea in hand, it’s safe to say the model will take care of her diet even though she’s at a chain known for its old-fashioned coffee. Behati Prinsloo clicked on the selfie and knew she was absolutely flawless. No dark circles, no bags under the eyes, and her look was as flawless as we could have hoped.

5. Delevingne Appearance:

Looking more like another supermodel Cara Delevingne, this Polaroid was probably clicked while she was around her family. Her appearance is basic, much like the family, and so is her clothing. Her hair looks great even if it’s not combed to perfection.

6. Neck film diary:

Behati Prinsloo with her natural, no-makeup look makes a very chic and elegant statement here. Her hair is more of a burgundy brunette, unlike the blonde she usually prefers. With rosy cheeks and a beautiful smile, this photo can instantly capture anyone’s heart.

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7. Irony:

The caption for this photo is because Behati was seen at an event by makeup brand MAC, no makeup at all! Her nose has red dots and her usual traditional half-smile gives us a positive vibe.

8. For the world:

Another classic from Behati Prinsloo’s look book, no makeup, she’s seen here with blonde highlights on her brunette.

9. Winter time:

Behati Prinsloo casually covered her blonde hair in a toque, looking more stylish than ever. Her gown’s color coordination didn’t match, but it added extra credit to the overall look.

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10. Happy Hour:

It’s time for her make-up for the fashion show, and this may be the last photo before then. Again without lipstick or eyeliner, she took her class up a notch without even trying.

Not surprisingly, even without makeup, Behati looked as confident as ever. Overall perfection is too hard for us, even with a lot of makeup, isn’t it?