10 Best Kajol Devgan Photos Without Makeup

10 Best Kajol Devgan Photos Without Makeup

10 Best Kajol Devgan Photos Without Makeup


Most Indians think Bengali eyes are beautiful. When they make such a statement, they are referring to Kajol. Tanuja and director Shomu Mukherjee’s eldest daughter Kajol made her Bollywood debut with the movie “Bekhudi” while she was still in school. Her first successful film was Baazigar, followed by various family films, which were well received by critics. She holds the record for winning 6 “Best Actress” awards and in 2011 won the “Padma Shri” award.

Kajol without makeup:


Spotted at an event, the actress looked totally bong in a cream ‘saree’ with a gold border and print. She was wearing a necklace that was so long it almost reached her stomach. She has a big red “bindi” on her forehead and her hair is styled in a bun at the back.

Still from the movie:

Snaps from her film “My Name Is Khan” captured widespread laughter in the images we see below. She was wearing a black dress covered with a light black jacket and a scarf around her neck. Her hair was tied back neatly like a pony.

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Click event:

Kajol’s profile clicks an event, she looks at someone and smiles. She was wearing a sleeveless black and white striped top. She wore a pair of silver chain earrings and rectangular orange glasses on her head.

smile forever:

With an adorable smile that transcends every makeup look, the actress was tapped off-screen at an event. She was dressed in black with an orange scarf around her neck. Her hair stayed open and seemed to be unevenly combed.

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Kajol and her son Yug:

The young mother was seen outdoors with her son Yug. She was wearing casual clothes, a red sleeveless top and a pair of blue jeans. Thin-framed rectangular glasses that cover the eyes and hair are pulled up in a bun at the back.

During the activity:

We saw the actress wearing a stylish navy and brown shirt with a white square print and blue jeans underneath. Her nails are painted gold and she wears a gold watch on her wrist. A long gold chain around her neck and a pair of brown sunglasses kept her looking stylish.

In her casual wear:

In the image below, the actress is clicked for her casual outfit. She was wearing a grey T-shirt that completely covered her arms and a pair of jeans. She is carrying a white bag over her left shoulder, looking into the camera through orange rectangular glasses.

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At Yash Chopra’s prayer meeting:

The photo appeared at a prayer meeting for Yash Chopra wearing a white “salwar suit” and a white beaded necklace. She has a pair of gold-framed maroon sunglasses and holds a sunglasses case and phone in her left hand.

Outdoors in Mumbai:

Kajol was out in Mumbai with her husband Ajay Devgan when a sudden flash of light created a photo she didn’t expect, and she let her eyelids drop for a moment to avoid camera lights. Wearing a white top that covered her neck and a black and white striped shawl, she was clicked. She is wearing the same pair of sunglasses seen in the picture above and is holding a yellow bag.

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at the airport:

Kajol clicks on a photo while talking on the phone at Jaipur airport. She was wearing a loose sand-colored synthetic shirt tucked into a pair of blue jeans. She has a headband and a pair of black sunglasses in her hair. She holds a red bag in her left hand.