10 Best Kristen Stewart Photos Without Makeup

10 Best Kristen Stewart Photos Without Makeup

10 Best Kristen Stewart Photos Without Makeup


Kristen Stewart became an actress after playing Bella Swan in “Twilight.” As a child, she saw her family work behind the camera, so even she turned her interest to script writing or directing. But her fate made her an actress. She is a lady with grey eyes with a beautiful smile.

Kristen Stewart without makeup:

Found outside the cafe:

Christine smiled and waved to the camera as she photographed her. She wore a grey top covered with a black shrug, then a yellow and black jacket over the shrug. Her legs were covered in navy blue jeans and she wore a pair of black retro sunglasses. She has a brown strap watch on her left hand and several rings can be seen on her fingers.

Simple and decent:

The actress in the picture below looks simple and decent. She was wearing a casual blue T-shirt with a green print and blue jeans of a similar color underneath. She wears giant round freak glasses and her hair stays open.

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Review the people:

Christine looked back at people as she walked up the stairs, which is when the photo was clicked. We see her wearing a black top and light black jeans. She has a pair of black cat-eye sunglasses, and her hair is parted on one side and down the left side of her shoulders.

Close up shot:

We can see her beautiful grey eyes and sweet smile which make her naturally beautiful. She was wearing a green dress with her hair open. Her nails are painted black and she wears a tin and silver bracelet on her left hand.

After getting off, click:

The actress put on a suspicious look or looked seriously at the camera. The sun fell on her face from the left side, making her fair skin glow. She was wearing a casual grey dress with her hair parted and hanging down the left side of her shoulders.

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Waving to the camera:

Another photo of the actress, waving to people or just clicking her camera outdoors. She was wearing a grey top under her jacket. She was wearing a pair of blue jeans, and her shoes were grey for contrast.

Evening Outdoor Activities:

Kristin appeared to be outdoors at night or at an event when this photo was taken. She was wearing a navy blue top and a jacket. We can notice her bobby pins are clipped to the jacket. At the bottom, she is wearing a pair of blue jeans. She has three silver rings on her right hand.

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Tom boy looks:

This photo captures Kristen’s tomboy look, mainly because of the maroon hat on her head. The photo was taken from the back and we can see her wearing a blue jacket with a pink print on it.

Wear a stylish white dress:

This photo was taken while Kristen was sitting on the couch. She was wearing a very beautiful dress. It is a white dress with shiny fabric sewn on it that looks like little beads and its presence makes the dress fashionable.

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at the airport:

Click at the airport with a bag on her right shoulder. She was wearing a pair of white t-short commercials, a pair of blue jeans wrapped in a piece of cloth and tied a knot in the front of her jeans. She wears a stylish pair of sunglasses and a hat.