10 Best Pictures of Bhavana Without Makeup

10 Best Pictures of Bhavana Without Makeup

10 Best Pictures of Bhavana Without Makeup

Malayalam-speaking actresses have not only graced the South Indian film industry with their beauty and talent, but they have also taken the Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi film industry by storm and have made their way across India Rise to fame, especially in the South. Kerala has produced many excellent actresses, one of which is Karthika Menon, better known by her stage name Bhavana.

Bhavana, from Thrissur, Kerala, is an acclaimed actress in the South Indian film industry and winner of two Kerala State Film Awards. As early as the age of five, Bhavana dreamed of becoming an actor.

She made her debut in the Malayalam film Nammal at the age of 16 and was an instant success, earning her many accolades. The movie fueled her drive to stardom. As more Tamil films came out, Bavana proved that she was not only a top-notch actress, but also had the beauty to go with it, a beauty that radiated from the heart. Let’s see how Bhavana looks as radiant as ever without makeup.

I love your Smile:

Bhavana’s beauty seems to be related to her smile. No amount of makeup can capture the essence of her charm and charisma like her smile. Her simple way of dressing adds to her appeal and makes her look almost innocent.

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Under the night sky:

Here, she’s pictured on camera at night, she’s wearing no makeup. While some actresses avoid the camera, Bhavana doesn’t hesitate to smile for the camera without her full face. Her smile is enough to captivate the audience.

Signature Hair:

When not in the spotlight, Bhavana can often be seen wearing her signature hairstyle, parted in a bun or ponytail. She doesn’t believe many actresses let their hair loose because they don’t have makeup on.

On Joyride:

A lovely photo of Bhavana taken inside the car. Wearing a solid grey tee with simple white pearl earrings, Bhavana is a pure reflection of natural beauty and glamour, emanating from her smile, both on and off screen, hugging the camera.

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sweet Home:

Seen here is a photo of Bhavana taken from the comfort of her own home. No makeup is required for such beautiful photos. A pink top and matching earrings accentuated her flawless complexion, while “tika” served as an accent.

Noble practice:

With only a pair of dangling earrings and minimal black ‘bindi’ adorn her face, Bhavana looked classy in this simple white kurta with orange embroidery. She also had no reservations about her hairstyle, parting it in the middle and pulling it back into a bun. Bhavana is a pretty face without makeup, and her cute, shy smile doesn’t help her in the slightest.

Naked Bavana:

While not her most glamorous side in this photo, Bhavana still looks cute enough to cut out a nice photo. The constant on-screen makeup hasn’t ruined her delicate features, and while she looks tired, she still manages to give off her aura.

Bavana Vacations:

While on vacation with her family, Bhavana decided to pose for the camera without makeup. A pair of light blue jeans, a brown belt and a pink-and-white blouse rounded out her outfit and complemented her graceful figure.

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Pay attention to this:

A picture of Bhavana without makeup is certainly a refreshing sight. In one of her many poses while on vacation here, she is her lively, happy self. If her fans are fascinated by her beauty in reel life, they won’t be disappointed when they see her in real life.

Bhavana Without Makeup:

This photo from the movie shows Bhavana without any makeup and it just goes to show that this girl doesn’t need a pretty face to look her best. Her simple innocence and amiable face make up for the wonder of makeup.