10 Best Priyamani Photos Without Makeup

10 Best Priyamani Photos Without Makeup

10 Best Priyamani Photos Without Makeup

Priyamani is a name to be reckoned with in the South Indian film industry. A former model, she started her acting career with Telegu’s debut film “Evare Atagaadu”. Since then, she has gained wide recognition in Tamil and Malayalam films with her stunning performances and won 3 Filmfare Awards in the Best Actress category in South Indian Films.

Priyamani is also the cousin of Bollywood actress Vidya Balan, so it’s no wonder she was able to provide some starting performances. We all know what the glamorous Priyamani looks like, so let’s take a look at some pictures of her, she doesn’t have a pink face but still looks cheerful.

10 unseen pictures of Priyamani without makeup:

rainbow colors:

Priyamani is not afraid to stand in front of the camera without makeup. As she waves to the camera, the colorful T-shirt she’s wearing adds a pop of color to her no-makeup look.

If it looks like it can kill:

Without makeup, Priyamani doesn’t give off a dazzling beauty, but she does look sedate, even sophisticated, with a bare face and a simple white top. The design of the word “Kills” at the bottom of the shirt wrapping the heart is not without connotation.

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Sexy little star:

For most people, being naked is considered sexy, but for some, like Priyamani, it may feel like wearing a sexy, meticulous makeup look. Her denim style was paired with a plaid shirt and jeans, with a silver watch and ring finger for added effect.

Rich Hair:

A woman’s hair is her beauty, so as the saying goes, how true it is. A thick and shiny mane can dramatically change a person’s characteristics. This quote applies to Priyamani, whose long shiny hair makes up for the lack of makeup on her face.

Nude appearance:

Nowadays, many actresses prefer nude colors to make them look more natural. With light makeup and a bright orange blouse to complement the hue, Priyamani looks vibrant and sparkly.

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Country Girl Looks:

Priyamani ditched her usual attire in favor of an Indo-Western style, paired with yellow and contrasting brown ‘balas’, with a thick belt around the waist. The combination of pink and yellow is as lively as she is. Almost like a country girl, she drew a pretty picture posing with an elephant whose forehead was painted in pink to match her top.

Free Makeup:

Seeing her bare face in this photo, this dark blue jeans and fuchsia top with a neckline softened Priyamani’s tired and stressed look. Her curvaceous figure is a plus, but it also refreshes her look.

Miss Confidence:

A bold and daring Priyamani poses for the camera with nothing but a wry smile on his face. She doesn’t seem to have any qualms about revealing the real face behind all her makeup. There was an air of confidence in her gesture, as if she was basking in the beauty that emanated from her.

Shower Queen:

Priyamani rocked this shower scene in the movie, still showing her wearing just a towel. Even with no makeup on her face, she was still able to convey a defiant look that matched the territory. Many of her films contain scenes that require her to wear little or no makeup at all, and in each of them she’s perfected her nude appearance.

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Cricket fans:

Like all other cricket fans, Priyamani attended the Celebrity League Cricket Finals along with fellow actor Shriya Saran to show their support as brand ambassadors. Priyamani decided to keep it simple and unadorned in a black T-shirt.