10 Famous Honeymoon Spots in Shimla

10 Famous Honeymoon Spots in Shimla

10 Famous Honeymoon Spots in Shimla


Shimla is one of the top honeymoon destinations in India. As a hill station, Qingshan’s snow-white climate and picturesque scenery are a favorite of couples. There are lush firs, oak forests and some flowery meadows. There are many temples to visit. Adventurous couples can even try hiking and trek long distances in the mountains. We have listed some beautiful honeymoon spots in Shimla below with pictures.

Pictures of famous honeymoon spots in Shimla:

1. Glenn:

Glen is a beautiful picnic spot in Shimla, with streams flowing through dense forest. It’s close to the Cecil Hotel and the Kennedy House, so if couples stay there, they must come here to spend some peaceful and quiet time with their loved ones.

2. Koffrey:

Kufri is well-known on the sports and tourism map of India for its ski trails, seed potato farm and food technology institute. Kufri in Shimla is a great place for winter sports, and adventurous couples can spend happy hours here. It also offers beautiful views of Badrinath, Kedarnath, Shiwalik and Pirpanjal mountains from a considerable height.

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3. Summer Hill:

Summer Hill is picturesque and located on the outskirts of Shimla. It offers the opportunity to take a walk in the shade, offering couples some opportunities to spend some quality time with each other in an undisturbed environment. The famous Himachal Pradesh University is located here.

4. The Christian Church:

Christ Church, located on a ridge, is the second oldest church in North India, built in 1857. It has a grand fa├žade of stained glass windows. The Church represents hope, faith, charity, patience and humility. As we all know, it is synonymous with Shimla, and no one can count the city without this church.

5. Tatapani:

Tattapani is a hot spring where couples can go for a dip. Not only does it rejuvenate the body, but it also has a therapeutic effect. There is a tourist bungalow for about 20 people, if the couple is lucky enough to find a vacant house, it’s easy for them and they don’t have to travel.

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6. Mashobra:

Mashobra is a popular picnic spot in Shimla, in a forest of oaks and pine trees. It gives couples a place to walk and talk, and then in the beautiful scenery without even knowing how time flies. The area adjacent to Mashobra is known for its apple orchards, and of course the apples come in yellow, green and red. Every June, an annual market called Sipi Fair is held here. Below we see a woman who is happy with her adventure sport, moving from point to point on the ropes.

7. Fagu:

The setting of Fagu is very idyllic and is mainly suitable for couples looking for solitude and peace. It is also full of apple orchards and the view of the Himalayas from Fagu is very beautiful. It is also a very popular trekking location in Shimla.

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8. Kamnadvi:

Kamna Devi is a temple and popular picnic spot near Bioleauganj. This gives the couple a very different view of Shimla, so if they’ve been spending time in the city, they should walk some distance and see the other side of it. This mountain is called Prospect Mountain. From here you can see Summer Mountain and Utorg.

9. Narkanda:

Narkhanda in Shimla is a breathtaking display of snow lines in the Himalayas and dense forests. Hatu Peak is 3143 meters above sea level, about 8 kilometers away from Narkanda. Winter skiing is the most popular sport. This is one of the best Shimla honeymoon locations, so you will never miss this beautiful place.

10. Indian Cafe:

There is a famous cafe that all couples crave in winter weather.