10 Famous Parks and Pictures in Kolkata

10 Famous Parks and Pictures in Kolkata

10 Famous Parks and Pictures in Kolkata


A park is a place designated by the government for people’s leisure and entertainment, and it is also to protect the animals and plants in a certain place. For children to play, for the elderly to walk and exercise, for the protection of animals and plants.

Beautiful parks in Kolkata with pictures:

1. Maidan:

Maidan is the largest park in Kolkata and the easiest to reach is the metro station in the area. The name Maidan itself means “field”, and it is home to sports fields such as cricket, football, and also Eden and the racecourse in Kolkata. The surrounding greenery makes people enjoy the time spent there.

2. Central Park:

Central Park is the second largest open space after Maidan. This park is located in Bidhannagar and the area around the park is full of government departments. The park is well maintained by the government, with well-manicured shrubs and colorful flowers and trees.

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3. Millennium Park:

The park is located on the east bank of the Hooghly River, 2.5 kilometers from the Strand Road to Babhat. The park looks like a huge garden because it has many rides, so it is a children’s amusement park.

4. Deshapriya Park:

Deshapriya Park in South Kolkata is a sports ground where students can train in cricket, tennis and football. During the Durga Puja, the entire park is transformed into a “mela”, which includes rides and their famous “panda”. The park is surrounded by a busy street that includes Priya Cinema, restaurants and shops.

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5. Safari Park:

Safari Park is a small, well-maintained park in South Kolkata, near Gariahat Golpark. There is a lake outside the park, and a trail to walk, which eventually leads to a small peninsula-like place. There is a bridge in that place and at the end there is a mosque. Linked to the entire area are two adjacent parks where students regularly study cricket.

6. Botanical Gardens:

Formerly known as Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanical Gardens, Kolkata Botanical Gardens is under the government’s Ministry of Environment and Forests. As we all know, there are many rare plants and trees here, all of which add up to more than 12,000 species.

7. Moho Kunja:

Mohor Kunj, also known as Civic Park, is a park next to the Victoria Memorial in the Maidan area. Famous for its colorful fountains, the park can even hear music, and it also features an open stage for theaters and events. This is in memory of Kanika Bandyopadhyay, the expert of Rabindra Sangeet.

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8. Nico Park:

Nicco park is an amusement park that covers a large area of ​​Salt Lake. It is called the Disneyland of West Bengal because the creators of the park go out of their way to provide the best entertainment for people; from making a miniature Eiffel Tower to toy trains and hurricanes. They also have a small water park attached.

9. Xincheng Ecological Park:

This is one of the youngest parks in Kolkata in Rajarhat. The park has three directions: wetland, forest and grassland. The park was built to maintain the surrounding environment with different trees. It covers 480 acres, including an island that surrounds a 104-acre body of water.

10. Riverside Park:

This park is a path along the Hooghly River in Babhat that is being developed to beautify the area.