10 Invisible Photos of Rekha Without Makeup

10 Invisible Photos of Rekha Without Makeup

10 Invisible Photos of Rekha Without Makeup


On screen, she captivated us with flawless skin, smoky eyes, chiseled features, gorgeous looks and star-studded performances. Offscreen, she embraces us with her style and grace. Ever wonder what’s hidden behind that flawless face of Bhanurekha Ganesan, most famously Rekha? Is Rekha just as refined and flawless in real life? It’s hard to spot her without her eyeliner, kajal, and signature red lipstick, but we’ve made the most of a photo compilation of her seemingly wearing little makeup. So let’s take a look at those rare moments when Rekha is caught without makeup first.

Fantastic Rekha Without Makeup Photos:

A collection of pictures of beautiful veteran Bollywood actress Rekha without makeup, most of which will surprise you.

1. Critical moments:

A rare photo of Rekha was taken in prison without makeup. Even the black and white photo shows no makeup. She wore a modest salwar, her dupatta draped over her, her hair pulled back into a bun, and she still kept her balance.

2. Blast from the past:

Priceless photo of Rekha and Sridevi hugging. This photo proves that Rekha’s beauty goes beyond the glitz and glamour of a painted facade. This photo captures the pure beauty of youth, even without makeup, her charisma and charisma are reflected in her smile.

3. Charming Reika:

In the stills of the movie Namak Haraam, Rekha looks her usual beautiful self without magic makeup. The orange face wipe, paired with an orange sari, added a bit of dynamism to her pale and delicate features. A white collar, matching earrings and a prominent nose ring complete the look. In this old photo, she only wears a little makeup.

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4. The perfect actress:

While offscreen and in this day and age, Rekha can’t be seen without her signature red lipstick and bold eye makeup, in her heyday she can be seen wearing minimal makeup on film. It’s just to enhance her classic good looks and make everyone in awe of her.

5. Precious Memories:

It seems like the sad ending to a happy union, if this photo is anything to go by. Rekha looks happiest in this unpretentious beauty shot with husband Mukesh Agarwal.

6. Khoon Bhari Maang:

Who can forget Rekha’s performance in the movie Khoon Bhari Maang? Widowed with two children, she was fascinated by the ever-charming Kabir Bedi, who left her at the mouth of a crocodile. The original part of the film sees Reka portraying a fool, wearing a sari and no makeup. The only makeup on her face is to give her skin a mutilated look after the crocodile attack, but Rekha is Rekha’s look flawless while her character is flawless.

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7. Find out without makeup:

This photo is one of those rare instances of Rekha watching her film Kahaani with actress Vidya Balan without any makeup other than her lipstick and matching colorful bindi. While she can do some eyeliner and kajal, she’s still her glamorous self with no makeup face.

8. Political Reha:

Seen here as she gets off the bus for a parliamentary debate, Rekha wears a gold and white saree with barely any makeup other than her usual sporty red lipstick, and she looks like a timeless beauty who ages gracefully with age.

9. Rekha exposed:

Rekha graced the covers of various magazines during her time. She did, however, go the way of many actresses, appearing nude on the cover of the movie Mirror. While the bold move made a splash, it was the subtle makeup that made her look sensational.

10. Fiery Delight:

18-year-old Rekha looks like the tinsel town girl she later became. With no makeup on her face and her innate beauty exposed, this is just the beginning of a sensational look, style and grace that amazes Indian audiences.