10 Mohanlal Photos Without Makeup

10 Mohanlal Photos Without Makeup

10 Mohanlal Photos Without Makeup


Mohanlal, formerly known as Mohanlal Viswanathan Nair, is one of the finest Indian actors and has gained worldwide fame for his stellar performances in Malayalam films. The writer has been praised for his natural acting and versatility. Mohanlal started his film career in 1978 when he played a mentally handicapped servant in the film “Thiranottam”. Mohanlal’s difficult life took Mohanlal from a struggling career to the top job in the Malayalam film industry. His success story is unparalleled and has inspired many young acting enthusiasts. Mohanlal is also proud to receive the Padma Shri Award for his contribution to Indian cinema.

Mohanlal has always found a place in the hearts of audiences with his on-screen and off-screen personality. This post presents the top 10 photos of Mohanlal without makeup.

10 Invisible Mohanlal Pictures Without Makeup:

Let’s take a look at the photo of mohanlal without makeup.

1. Casual wear:

This is a very casual but mysterious photo of Mohanlal without makeup. The actor looked effortlessly cool in a yellow polka dot shirt.

2. What an angry young man looks like:

Mohanlal has won the hearts of female fans with his otherworldly roles in Malayalam films. He did just that with the look of this angry young man with no trace of makeup.

3. The Hall of Malayalam Films:

Mohanlal is the number one actor in the Malayalam film industry and this picture of him without makeup tells us why he deserves the position. The actor looked iconic in a white suit and black sunglasses.

4. The real hero:

This is a real and shocking photo of Mohanlal, not only is there no makeup, but the actor is boldly showing off his bald head image. What you see in his films is not a wig, but a hair-fixing technique also used by many other famous actors like Jayaram, Prithviraj, Jayasurya and Kunchacko Boban.

5. Cool brother:

Mohanlal is admired for his natural acting skills and natural beauty. The actor doesn’t always need makeup to look good; his charisma is also easy to see offscreen. Wearing a white t-shirt, this is one of Mohanlal’s classic no-makeup photos, fittingly crowning him a youth icon.

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6. Bald look:

Mohanlal is the only Malayalam superstar who has portrayed various hairstyles in his different films. Do you believe those styles were made with his real hair? Well, the magic used is an expensive hair-fixing technique that looks more like real hair. In this photo of Mohanlal without makeup, the actor publicly showed off his bald look for the first time. With or without the wig, we love him for his incredible work and performance!

7. True Malayalam Star:

This is a picture of Mohanlal smiling without any trace of makeup, taken in the capital Delhi, where the actor came to promote his new film “Akasha gopuram”. In this film, the actor will share screen space with Jackie Chan. Mohanlaal is one of the best actors, he has won two national awards throughout his film career. Thumbs up for the heartbreaking smile and slightly bearded look.

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8. The unbeatable duo:

This is a photo of Mohanlal without makeup with famous superstar Mammootty. The actors all had a good laugh without any sign of on-screen competition.

9. True Malayalam Star:

This is a very real photo of Mohanlal without makeup, with the actor showing a mysterious smile. Seeing him, you can easily see that a star is always a star.

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10. Family portrait:

Another photo of Mohanlal without makeup, the actor smiling with his extended family!

These are the best pictures of Mohanlal without makeup that only adds to his charismatic style and character.