10 Photos of Charlize Theron Without Makeup

10 Photos of Charlize Theron Without Makeup

10 Photos of Charlize Theron Without Makeup


Charlize Theron started her days as a fashion model and soon became a well-known actress and producer. She has won an Oscar and was nominated for a Golden Globe. After nine years together, she dated Stuart Townsend until 2010. She made South Africa proud and continues to hold dual American and South African citizenship. Here are her best no-makeup looks in public.

Charlize Theron without makeup:

1. Winter outings without makeup:

It looks like she’s out and about to drink an energy drink. She wore a skimpy neckline piece that drew more attention to her flawless face. Her grey-black sweater added glamour. As she walked away, she didn’t seem to realize that she was being photographed by the blinds.

2. Gym pictures:

Of course, no celebrity would sweat it out at the gym with lipstick and liners. Charlize Theron without makeup is no exception. She can be seen here with her white gym bag, along with a headband to hold her hair in place. She still looks like she can do a few rounds without feeling tired.

3. Blonde Perfection:

Even with little to no makeup as you would call her, she looks absolutely stunning. Her lips are as rosy as a rose, and her hair is what you might call a “luxury show.”

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4. Hat shape:

This side profile shows how smooth and blemish-free her skin is, even without all that extra makeup. A hat covered her hair, and the ends of the hat were tied casually. This might be when she’s out shooting.

5. Rose Beauty:

Her pink lips provide us with an enviable “skin and look” target. The hair was tied up casually and looked as beautiful as Charlize Theron without makeup.

6. Classic Round Earrings:

If you notice, she is often photographed wearing round earrings. It’s still no different from her movie Young Adult. Goggles hold her hair in place, and the strong look makes her acting prowess obvious.

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7. Oscar appearances:

With just a touch of eyeliner and lip gloss, this is surely one of those little makeup looks in the actress’s perfect photo gallery. Gone is her usual long blonde hair as she proves that short hair looks good on her too.

8. With car keys:

With her car keys in her hands, Charlize Theron, without makeup, was shocked and confused by the crowd. She pursed her lips and waved from a distance. Noticing her skin, you can easily comment on how smooth and glowing it still looks.

9. No one is acne-free:

Her pair of sunglasses didn’t do a good job of attracting interest in her acne. It is common to see even facial texture as pictured, and her skin care regime doesn’t seem to be doing well.

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10. Curly Bob:

Another photo, and the last on Charlize Theron’s list, is without makeup, and she’s wearing a neck-length blonde with a stunning expression that represents her true beauty.

For most of the photos, as an official public appearance, she made sure she didn’t leave any blemishes behind. Even her hair looks perfect, enhancing her natural look.