10 Photos of Julia Roberts Without Makeup

10 Photos of Julia Roberts Without Makeup

10 Photos of Julia Roberts Without Makeup


One of the most recognizable American actresses of all time, Julia Roberts just turned 48 and still looks like a pretty girl. She really rose to fame with her amazing performance in the aforementioned movie in 1990. She constantly amazes her fans with funny and intense performances. The Oscar-nominated actress is one of Hollywood’s biggest names, and she belongs to the legendary or golden age of Hollywood. So, when it comes to beauty, you can close your eyes and trust this woman. When she says “what you see is what you get!” she means it. it. Let’s take a look at some of the best Julia Roberts photos without makeup.

1. Toned face:

Julia has undergone numerous body modifications and a lot of dietary torture to match the role. But, at the same time, she has maintained her natural beauty, so this photo is arguably one of the best pictures of Julia Roberts ever made without makeup.

2. That awesome laughter:

This photo shows Julia for who she really is, and she bursts out laughing. It’s arguably one of the best photos of Julia Roberts without makeup, and probably all her fans would agree.

3. Changes:

This photo of Julia was clicked while she was busy changing her residence. She was moving from her old apartment to her new home and luckily the film crew was able to bring some great pictures without pictures of this beautiful woman.

4. Signs of age:

Julia Roberts is in her 50s and she is one of the most beautiful women of her age and she is still able to properly maintain her natural beauty.

5. Easy Julia:

It was one of those times when Julia was photographed without makeup and she wasn’t outraged even when the paparazzi invaded her private face. She’s showing off her totally real face and she looks gorgeous. She was busy with a normal life phase, which didn’t last long due to her profession.

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6. Pictures with and without makeup:

Photos like these are like complementary now, when you’re about to form a no-makeup comparison. On the bottom right is a photo of Julia without makeup, the rest you can guess for yourself. Looking at this photo, it’s safe to say that Julia is indeed attractive even without makeup.

7. Woman with glasses:

Like most women, Julia is cute with glasses. But unlike all other women, she is confident in showing off her natural face.

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8. Summer of ’85:

This is an old photo of Julia winning the trophy. In the absence of more relevant information, it is safe to say that even at a young age, Julia played the role of a beautiful woman.

9. Not just in movies:

Julia is actually a beautiful woman, not just in the movies. This casual-wear-satisfied photo of Julia was snapped as she headed to the film studio wearing her sunglasses. Those really concealed her seductive eyes, but they showed her seductive face.

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10. At the grocery store:

Julia was pictured showing off her stunning face at the grocery store. In addition to her medium-length blonde hair, she also played the role of a beautiful woman.