10 Photos of Zayn Malik Without Makeup

10 Photos of Zayn Malik Without Makeup

10 Photos of Zayn Malik Without Makeup


Zain Javadd Malik is one of the main members of the notorious boy band One Direction formed in 2010. His participation in the chorus part of all the songs made him very popular, and it was through this bad experience that he was able to have a huge appeal with his awesome voice. Now the handsome British singer is a solo artist and has released a record that has topped all music charts.In this article, we’ll go through some of the singer’s undressed photos

1. Innocent face:

This is the first photo of the British singer with the band. He looked really good and confidently showed his true face to the camera. This photo is arguably one of the best-looking photos of Zayn Malik without makeup ever.

2. Blonde Highlights:

Zayn has tried a lot of looks over the years, and they all seem to work for him. He’s studied trends, he’s dressed like a performer, and that’s what makes him so appealing. The photo also revealed Zayn’s makeup-proof face.

3. Purple Hair:

As discussed in the previous point, Zayn can make any look fit him because he has that natural charm that works well for him. He does know how to use his good looks to his advantage, which is why this particular photo can be called one of the best Zayn Malik ever seen without makeup.

4. Those tattoos though:

Zayn loves his fans and when they ask for a photo or photo, he never turns them down. It’s one of the singer’s best no-makeup photos, as it reveals the rugged yet glamorous face of the British genius.

5. Old snapshot:

Here’s one of the photos, taken when Zayn was first in the group. In this photo, she looks really good and his face is natural. The true beauty of Zayn is unparalleled.

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6. One of the purchased photos:

This is a photo shopping photo of the British singer. That’s not the true color of his eyes. But one thing that hasn’t been edited is that his face glows naturally. He looks handsome in this photo, so this photo is a great example of Zayn Malik without makeup.

7. Hotel pictures:

When he arrived at a hotel, he clicked on Zayn’s bare-faced photo. You just don’t see this facial attraction every day, and it’s from a 19-year-old boy. Zayn looks like a shaved kit and is hot too.

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8. Cute face:

For those who don’t know, Zayn does have a very cute face. Now grown up, he looks more like an adult with stubble, but he was a charismatic man back then, who used to impress people with his beautiful talent and beauty.

9. Beard Games:

Many people prefer to watch Zayn drink a beer than shave. Honestly, he doesn’t look bad. He’s definitely not a kid anymore, but somehow he still paints that innocent look.

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10. Ripped child:

Here’s a snapshot from one of One Direction’s lifestyle videos showing how Zayn spends his day. For all the right reasons, Zayn really likes showing off his naturally alluring face.

This post brings you some of the prettiest photos of Zayn Malik showing off his completely real face without any facial beauty product application. For all Zayn Malik lovers, this article will be a dream come true.