10 Pictures of Alicia Keys Without Makeup

10 Pictures of Alicia Keys Without Makeup

10 Pictures of Alicia Keys Without Makeup


Alicia Augello Cook, better known among her fans as Alicia Keys, has been an active singer since 1996. Billboard named her one of the most influential musicians of recent times. She is as beautiful as her voice. Married to Swizz Beats since 2010, she shares two children with him. She is also an accomplished actress and is actively involved in the TV show Empire. Currently, as of 2016, she is announced to be a judge on the music show The Voice with Miley Cyrus.

1. Bring Sunglasses:

As you can see, here’s a classic photo of Alicia Keys wearing sunglasses, which we can assume has something to do with trying to transfer acne on her skin. Maybe the reason she’s not wearing makeup here is to prevent more breakouts.

2. Hats and Curls:

The earrings that were almost hidden under her curls, her hat and her fuzzy expression outshone her natural features. In the photo, she didn’t know it was clicked, but even so, she looked gorgeous. Of course, her acne shows quite a bit of low acne coverage, as she manages to appear in public with confidence no matter what.

3. Headgear open:

Alicia Keys wears earrings and a headband for a no-makeup look. Her glow is very prominent and she looks pretty and rosy. Here’s a selfie and her eyebrows look good. Her skin looks perfect and her hair looks as usual.

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4. Engagement blues:

Alicia keys’ makeup is perfect, but she’s still a star without it. She was spotted here with her wedding ring back in 2010, looking happy and posing perfectly for the camera.

5. Sunglasses and earrings:

Alicia Keys, without makeup, is spotted here in her usual pose. Her hair is open and the curls are making their own elegant statement. This is when she gets tired from the music recording and goes out to rest.

6. Tie the pony:

In a black dress, she looked perfect even with a little makeup. Her smile exuded a positive vibe and her hair was neatly combed. Needless to say, this is one of those rare occasions when her hair is straight.

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7. The ideal smile:

Alicia Keys without makeup is as pretty as her face with all her makeup. Also, her hair looks very different here, tied up short instead of her usual long curls in public appearances.

8. Be Beautiful:

Her usual smile makes her look beautiful, her clothes fit her look better, and this photo is one of her best without makeup.

9. Lip Gloss Day:

With a hint of lip gloss and no other makeup, Alicia Keys looks as gorgeous as ever. Her brows are also done well, making her look just the finishing touch she needs.

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10. Event appearance:

The hairstyle is vintage key with curly strands and a messy look. Her hair was perfect for her face shape, half tied up, which made her eyebrows and perfect jawline stand out. This photo is of herself, and she looks cold with a half-smile.

This Manhattan beauty is a true talent and beauty in the music industry. She may have some acne to deal with, but that’s what makes her as ordinary as we are.