10 Pictures of Anne Hathaway Without Makeup

10 Pictures of Anne Hathaway Without Makeup

10 Pictures of Anne Hathaway Without Makeup


The 33-year-old actress was born in Brooklyn in 1999 as Anne Jacqueline Hathaway and has made quite a name for herself. She married Adam Shulman in 2012, with whom she has a son. She is a strong activist who has supported the LGBT community from the beginning.

1. Tilt head:

The accessories around her neck draw attention, and her look is even more complete even without makeup. She looks like she’s staring at something eagerly, and her half-pose looks more natural. She’s as exotic about lipstick and false lashes as she is with them.

2. Winter Skull Hat:

Anne Hathaway’s no-makeup outfit is as popular in this photo as is her confidence. She doesn’t seem to be concerned that her photo is being taken, and wearing a toque seems like an easy task to protect from winter. Her lips looked rosy, and her face glowed with morning light.

3. Selfie Smile:

Bitter and elegant, this photo sees Anne Hathaway without makeup. Judging by her still swollen eyes, the selfie was taken in the morning, probably when she just woke up. That’s why, it can safely land on this list of photos to be stunning in her own way.

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4. To-go snacks:

Like everyone else, Anne Hathaway goes shopping for coffee and bacon without makeup. Holding her orders, she looks startled by the camera, but her composure is evident in her expression. Although she looks flawless, her hair brings an edge to the overall look.

5. With Eddie Redmayne:

Anne Hathaway looked gorgeous in this photo with the recently-rising British actor, her arms around her close friend, smiling at the photographer. It’s at the Redmayne movie’s success party, and she’s still confident enough to step into the set without makeup.

6. Take a photo:

Who knew a magazine would want to publish a picture of Anne Hathaway without makeup? At least, that shows how flawless she actually is. Look at her lips and skin.

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7. Sunglass appearance:

Seen here pairing the purple scarf with her toque, her outfit looks as stylish and elegant as her appearance. She has straight long hair and looking at the camera, her cheeks flushed from the cold, makes her look prettier than ever.

8. Magazine cover:

Looking at the other photos here, it’s safe to say that none of the facial features here have been photoshopped to make her look good for the cover. Not only did it show her confidence, but it gave us a chance to get a glimpse of her skin, which was completely free of any signs of blemishes.

9. Pixie Clip:

There could be a lot of Anne Hathaway looks without makeup, but this one is sure to steal the show. Unlike everyone else, her hair is a pixie cut she’s cut in recent years, but she’s wearing no makeup and nothing has changed. She still manages to perform in the same amazing way.

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10. Relaxing music:

Watching her come here with her headphones on, doesn’t care because she has the “I don’t care” attitude on her face. She has no makeup but pleases you with the perfect glow and inspiring vibe.

She has won the most prestigious awards, including the Oscars at the highest level. She is also known by many as one of the most beautiful, having been crowned back in 2006. These photos show her inner and outer beauty.