10 Pictures of Nicole Richie Without Makeup

10 Pictures of Nicole Richie Without Makeup

10 Pictures of Nicole Richie Without Makeup


Nicole Richie is a trendsetter. She is one of the most famous fashion designers in America. Apart from that, she is also a great writer and actress. She is an amazing woman with tremendous power and ability to bring out her natural beauty without wearing makeup in public. She was born in California and is 36 years old. Attended at the University of Arizona, this woman may be one of the finest women in America, bringing her exceptional taste for fashion to her state and her country. In this article, we’re going to discuss some of those moments when Nicole looked absolutely dazzling and glamorous when she didn’t wear any makeup at all.

10 Beautiful Pics Of Nicole Richie Without Makeup:

Let’s check out the best Nicole Richie no makeup images.

1. No makeup? really?

Yes! This is the expected reaction of people when they see this photo. Nicole has a unique face and it is said that beauty is so attractive that it is easy to impress people. Her eyes are so expressive that they speak for her. All her stunning features make this photo one of the best no-makeup pictures of Nicole Richie ever.

2. Naked Beauty:

Nicole can bare her face and still capture the limelight. She is so stunning that she can easily impress anyone who looks at her. According to many magazines, she is the next big thing in the world and fashion. People admired her taste in dress, but also liked her kind and down-to-earth attitude, despite her Hollywood fame.

3. Shopping:

Nicole is so charming that she can look great in almost every way. This special photo of Nicole reveals just how charming her naturally beautiful face is. She probably doesn’t need anything else to make herself more attractive. She doesn’t need to be more attractive. She is perfect.

4. The casual side of trendsetters:

Nicole wears casual clothes most of the time. She likes her simple side, and her sports fit well. This is one of the best Nicole Richie no makeup photos and it reveals just how beautiful this woman actually is.

5. With or without mascara:

Nicole looks almost the same with or without makeup. On the right, she looks at an angle to that headband. She also looks very sweet on the left, and is her plain makeup version.

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6. With or without mascara 2:

Here we can see that Nicole Richie also looks stunning without any makeup. No doubt she looks divine on the right. On the left, she’s just showing off her sweet and innocent natural beauty.

7. With her children:

Nicole was spotted without makeup as she was walking with her little baby. She looks almost as cute as her baby. This is one of the best Nicole Richie pictures without makeup.

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8. Old snapshot:

Here’s a pretty old photo of Nicole Richie, she’s not wearing any makeup at all. She looks amazing in this photo as she shows off her face without makeup.

9. Do some yoga:

Nicole was spotted at a women’s yoga club looking attractive with no makeup on her face.

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10. Twitter update:

Here’s a fun photo of Nicole that can be seen enjoying some fun poses with her friends. She looks a little pale, but still attractive.

Want to see Nicole without makeup? The above picture will suit you. Nicole is probably one of the best women in America, known for her amazing work in fashion, Hollywood, writing and more. She has done a lot of work throughout her life and has maintained her naturally beautiful face.