10 tallest statues in the world: beautiful monuments

10 tallest statues in the world: beautiful monuments

10 tallest statues in the world: beautiful monuments

Are you a travel freak? Are you always looking for new places to visit? If yes, the tallest statue in the world mentioned in this article can be a great addition to your bucket list. These tall and unique statues represent important historical events or are associated with prominent figures and are part of the global tourism industry. In addition, these tallest statues are a major attraction for individual cities, as their height is crucial.

If you think the Statue of Liberty is the tallest statue in the world, then you must read this article. continue reading!

The 10 tallest statues in the world:

This article is the perfect way to familiarize yourself with some of the world’s tallest statues before adding them to your travel list.

1. Statue of Unity:

The Unity Statue, the tallest statue in the world, depicts Sardar Vallabhai Patel, an Indian statesman, freedom fighter and first home minister of an independent India. The statue was unveiled by the current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, on October 31, 2018, on the eve of Sardar Patel’s 143rd birthday.

The Statue of Unity is located on a river island opposite the Sardar Sarovar Dam in the Kewadia Colony, Narmada District, Gujarat. Indian sculptor Ram V. Sutar designed the statue. India’s largest infrastructure company, Larsen and Toubro, spent about $422 million to build it.

  • high: 182 meters (597 feet).
  • Place: India.

2. The Big Buddha of Quansi Temple:

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Quan Temple Buddha represents Vairocana Buddha, which is the second tallest Buddha statue in the world. Construction of the temple started in 1997 and continued for almost 11 years until 2008. The figure is placed in a lotus-shaped throne. It is also considered to be the largest sculpture on Earth.

The location of this temple is in the Fodu Mountain Scenic Area, Lushan County, Henan Province, China. The statue alone cost about $18 million, and the estimated cost of the entire project is $55 million.

  • high: 128 meters, 208 meters including base.
  • Place: China.

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3. Lekun Sekya:

Laykyun Sekka is one of the tallest sculptures in the world, standing on a throne at 13.5 meters. The construction of this golden Buddha Shakyamuni lasted for 12 years, starting in 1996.

Every element of this monument has been carefully designed and is located in Khatakan Taung near Monywa, Myanmar. The sculpture was made available for public viewing in February 2008.

  • high: 116 meters, 129.2 meters, including the base.
  • Place: Myanmar.

4. Ushiku Great Buddha:

Built in 1993, the Ushiku Daibutsu is the fourth tallest statue in the world. This statue, representing Amitabha Buddha, is made of bronze and is located in Ushiku, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. The statue was built to commemorate the birthday of Zhen Ran, the founder of the Buddhist “Pure Land School”. The image of the Buddha Ushiku Daibutsu is placed on a platform that looks like a lotus flower.

  • high: 100 meters, 120 meters, including base.
  • Place: Japan.

5. Sendai Grand Avalokitesvara:

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Sendai Daikannon is the fifth tallest monument in the world, located in Sendai, Japan. The Sendai Daikannon statue is the tallest goddess statue in Japan and was completed in 1991.

On the first floor there are huge Buddha statues and mythical kings. On the 12th floor of the structure, you can see eight Buddha statues preserved and displayed in wooden cabinets. You can go down the stairs from each level and view a total of 108 Buddha statues at this site. There is an elevator on every floor.

  • high: 100 metres.
  • Place: Japan.

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6. Kameyama Guanyin:

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Guishan Guanyin is the sixth tallest statue in the world and the fourth tallest in China. It depicts a bodhisattva expressing sympathy for all Buddhas, and the statue is made of gilded bronze.

The construction of this statue was done with the help of local and many religious organizations. The Ningshan County Government raised about 260 million yuan in construction funds. Guishan Guanyin is located in Weishan, Changsha City, Hunan Province, China and was completed in 2009.

  • high: 99 meters.
  • Place: China.

7. Peter the Great Statue:

The statue of Peter the Great, one of the largest in the world, is located at the western confluence of the Vodot-Vodny Canal and the Moskva River in central Moscow, Russia. Its construction was ordered by Empress Catherine the Great as a tribute to her famous predecessor to the Russian throne, Peter the Great.

This statue commemorates the 300th anniversary of the establishment of the Russian Navy by Peter the Great. Georgian designer Zurab Tsereteli designed it. It is the eighth tallest statue in the world and was erected in 1997. The statue contains 600 tons of stainless steel, bronze and copper and weighs 1,000 tons.

  • high: 98 meters.
  • Place: Russia.

8. Big Buddha in Thailand:

Known as the Big Buddha, the Big Buddha statue in Thailand is the seventh largest monument in the world, the tallest statue in Thailand, and the second tallest statue in Southeast Asia. The construction of the statue started in 1990 and was completed in 2018 under the orders of Phra Kru VibulArjarakhun, the first monk leader of Wat Muang. The figure cost about 104 million baht, and many realistic Buddhists have donated to the cause.

It was built in honor of King Bhumibol of Thailand. The statue is located at Wat Muang Wiset Chai Chan in Wat Hong Thong Temple, Thailand and can only be seen from a long distance due to the height of the statue.

  • high: 92 meters.
  • Place: Thailand.

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9. Hokkaido Kannon:

Hokkaido Kannon, also known as the Great Kannon of Kitamiyako Park, is one of the top ten tallest statues in the world. Construction started in 1975 and completed in 1989, making it the third tallest statue in Japan. You can use the elevator to access more than 20 floors of this statue. You have stunning views of the surroundings and most floors have shrines and places of worship.

  • high: 88 meters.
  • Place: Japan.

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10. Lingshan Giant Buddha:

Located on the north bank of Taihu Lake near Wuxi, Jiangsu, the Big Buddha is one of the largest statues in the world and even in China. It weighs more than 700 tons, and the Lingshan Buddha is an open-air bronze Amitabha standing Buddha.

The monument was completed at the end of 1996. Tourists can also visit the Brahma Temple to enjoy auspicious chanting, and watch Kowloon bathe Sakyamuni while visiting the Great Buddha in Lingshan.

  • high: 88 meters.
  • Place: China.

If you are a travel lover, you will find the list of tallest statues mentioned in this article helpful. Each sculpture has significance in its respective country. You will learn about the rich history and culture associated with it. If you found this article helpful, don’t forget to let us know!


1. Which is the largest Buddha statue in the world?

answer: The Leshan Giant Buddha is the largest and tallest Buddha statue in the world with a height of 71 meters and was built in the Tang Dynasty between 713 and 803 AD. Carved from Cretaceous red sandstone cliff faces in southern Sichuan Province. China is located at the confluence of the Min and Dadu rivers.

2. In which country is the tallest statue in the world located?

answer: India. At 182 meters high, the Statue of Unity is the tallest statue in the world. It is located on the Narmada River in the Kevadiya Colony, facing the Sardar Sarovar Dam in the Indian state of Gujarat.

3. Which is the oldest and largest statue in the world?

answer: The largest and oldest monolithic statue in the world is the Great Sphinx of Giza. It is 73.5 meters long, 20.22 meters high and 6 meters wide, built in c. 2558-2532 BC.