10 Unseen Photos of Priya Anand Without Makeup

10 Unseen Photos of Priya Anand Without Makeup

10 Unseen Photos of Priya Anand Without Makeup


Priya Anand is one of the common everyday faces in South Indian cinema, mainly for Telegu and Tamil cinemas. From a young age, Anand set her sights on the film industry, but it was clearly not the acting part that attracted her, but the technical part. After flying abroad to complete her final education, she returned to Chennai, South India, for some modeling activities, and she eventually found success in the film industry. There’s always a good feeling on the screen that it really boils down to no makeup time and we can really assess whether an actor is really that, and more.

Beautiful pictures of Priya Anand without makeup:

1. Eternal Diva:

Looking pretty as usual, the heroine in a pretty orange blouse looked really good as she opted for a minimalist look. She may lack her professional skills on the screen, but a little serif never hurt anyone anyway. Her flushed rosy cheeks accentuate her features even more as she poses.

2. The perfect smile:

The warm sun kissed her face as the beautiful actress burst into a radiant smile from cheek to cheek. She had no makeup on her face, just a little color on her lips to accentuate her features. The flawlessness of her skin is evident in the smooth texture which makes her look absolutely beautiful.

3. Leisure:

Anand opted for a slouchy casual look, pairing a mint and navy tank with everyday casual blue jeans. She was wearing no makeup, but her hair fell sweetly over her shoulders, and she was sculpted and flawless as she posed with a smile.

4. All smiles 1:

In this photo, Priya Anand is always a minimalist, her eyes are outlined with a light liner that accentuates her shimmering features, and the soft tones roll over her smiling lips. She showed off her toasted golden skin in a traditional lavish suit.

5. All smiles 2:

Here we have another smiling photo of an energetic Anand. She shows her true color without any makeup as she smiles sweetly for the camera, but her vibrant features still make her look beautiful with or without makeup.

6. Weird look:

With a radiant and natural look to her richly coloured skin, Priya Anand looked quite alluring even without makeup in her white formal suit. The clarity of her skin is immediately apparent, and her soft smile makes her stand out from the crowd. Parting the hair and combing it into the middle, she let it look as natural as her face.

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7. Id start event:

It was one of the events Priya Anand attended and she decided to wear a beautiful pink traditional suit to complement her radiant features. Her hair was lusciously styled and her clean, flawless skin shimmered. As she spends her time in joy and playfulness, she looks like her natural self, beauty and grace are all in one.

8. Posing:

Once again, we see Priya in a casual girl-next-door outfit in another chance encounter. However, it wasn’t her wild graphic T-shirt or her blue jeans that made her look worth trying, but her flawless face. A touch of icy pink outlines her lip color, and her skin without makeup exudes a dazzling light.

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9. Balcony shooting:

Taken from one of her movie stills, we see the beauty herself leaning against the balcony railing, looking calm and composed. From the photo we can see that she herself has no makeup.

10. Selfie Game Winner:

Clearly dominating the selfie game, the beauty’s final photo included her wearing a stunning white dress in her angelic halo, with her hair curled and styled at her sides. With the minimum necessary shades, she can pull off nude makeup very well.

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