11 Best Photos of Leighton Meester Without Makeup

11 Best Photos of Leighton Meester Without Makeup

11 Best Photos of Leighton Meester Without Makeup


Leighton Meester is an American actress and singer. The “Gossip Girl” beauty is also known for her modeling career and is well known for her impeccable style and makeup. She was often spotted without makeup and set an example for her peers who clumped up with tons of powder. Such is the popularity of Leighton without makeup, that many people have actually started to learn how to use makeup to look without makeup Leighton.In this article, we present some of the best pictures of Leighton Meester without makeup

Pictures of Leighton Meester without makeup:

Some examples of Leighton Meester without makeup are given below

1. Shining Star:

Imagine going out and driving like this and getting out of the car? This beautiful woman was seen walking into the airport wearing a black hat with loose hair. Without makeup, her face glowed brilliantly.

2. The candid selfie moment:

This selfie of Leighton is sure to be the wallpaper on your screen. With only long hair, hoop earrings and round glasses, she’s ready. We love the way she accentuates her lips with a natural pale pink lipstick.

3. Fresh as dewdrops:

As you can see from the pictures given above, Leighton Meester is definitely a minimalist when it comes to makeup as she would rather portray her natural beauty to fans from all over the world.

4. Ooh! moment:

This candid photo shows Leighton completely ready for the day, but without using any overly aggressive makeup on her face. This is one of the best pictures Leiden has ever taken.

5. Go in style:

This photo from Leighton’s hit theatrical show is the best shot ever taken on set and shows how Leighton uses very little makeup on screen. Her stylists know very well how to show the world what Leighton Meester really looks like.

6. Sensual diva:

This photo shows Leighton Meester unprepared for the red carpet, looking as dazzling as she poses for the camera.The intensity of her natural looks put many celebrities to shame at this mass celebrity event

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7. Cowgirl:

This photo shows Leighton Meester in makeup as she enjoys her day without any concerns and without any delicate makeup on her face. Here’s another really good photo of Layton candidly.

8. Posing:

The most important thing about this wonderful lady is that she tries not to wear makeup every day because she prefers a healthy life with enough exercise and a healthy diet so that she can keep her figure in good shape from the inside out.

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9. If appearances can kill:

Yes. Leighton does use makeup, but only in part because of her primary presence on the screen, but even here her stylist just uses basic makeup to amplify her beauty, not what she doesn’t need Give her an overdose.

10. Dimpled Cheeks:

Leighton’s smile is what actually steals the show for this wonderful lady, which is actually quite evident from the picture given above.

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11. Flawless Beauty:

The must-haves are everything this wonderful lady carries with her every day, including eyeliner and lipstick. Here’s one of our favorite pictures of Leighton Meester without makeup.

Leighton Meester is one of the lucky few stars with killer looks and great skin. She can perfectly kill any look without using any makeup. She manages to take off any clothes effortlessly and explains that the best makeup look you can wear is a smile on your face. It’s no wonder why she is closely followed by fans and the press on social media. These photos prove that no one can rock no makeup better than Leighton.