11 Most Popular Waterfalls in Goa Details

11 Most Popular Waterfalls in Goa Details

11 Most Popular Waterfalls in Goa Details


Goa, India’s ultimate party destination, is known for its tranquil beaches and amazing seafood. The land also has another unique gift – waterfalls. Perched at high altitudes, the roar of these waterfalls is sure to give you goosebumps. They are not only popular with nature lovers, but also adventure lovers. There are many legends behind these waterfalls, just as interesting as seeing them. No trip to Goa is complete without a visit to these incredible waterfalls, as they are the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Come and fall in love with these famous waterfalls in Goa, India.

List of waterfalls in Goa, highlights:

This is the best waterfall in Goa, India, this is a must visit,

1. Breathe in Dudhsagar Waterfall Goa:

The most majestic and beautiful waterfall in Goa is Dudesaga Falls. Dudhsagar Waterfall is located on the border of Goa and Karnataka on the Mandovi River. Madgaon Railway Station is only 46 km away. The pure white water falling from a height of 320 meters looks like milk, hence the name Dudhsagar (Milk Sea). It is most attractive during the monsoons when the water level rises. It is probably the best waterfall in Goa.

  • high: 320 meters
  • Best time to visit: June to December
  • River: Mandovi
  • distance: If you choose the railway, Kulem is the nearest station, 8 km from the waterfall
  • how can I get there: You can rent a bike from Kulem station
  • Other attractions: Shayadri Spice Farm and Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary

2. Noisy Harvalem Falls:

Harvalem or Arvalem waterfalls are a 10-minute drive from Arvalem caves near Sanquelim. It’s worth a visit this fall, as the water falls noisily in the lush green during this time. In winter, they turn into a trickle. These waterfalls flow down 50 meters, enough to keep locals going for a day.

  • high: 70 feet
  • Best time to visit: October to February
  • River: Mandovi
  • distance: If you choose the railway, Sanquelim is the nearest station, 2 km from the waterfall
  • how can I get there: You can get to this place by renting a taxi from Panaji or Sanquelim
  • Other attractions: Arvalem Rock Cut Cave and Rudreshwar Temple

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3. Quiet Sada Falls:

Sada Waterfall is located in the Ghats of Chora, 8 km from a small village. One needs to cross the stream to reach the bottom of the waterfall, which will be an exciting and adventurous journey. At the end of the long walk, across the stream, you will see the Saga fall between two adjoining hills, looking suffocating!

  • high: 200 feet
  • Best time to visit: September to November
  • River: Mandovi
  • distance: It is 8 km from the village of Saada on the Goa-Karnataka border
  • how can I get there: You can rent a bike or rent a taxi from Margao, the best place to get accommodation
  • Other attractions: A castle built by the Kadamba people.

4. Dense Netravali Waterfall Goa:

The waterfall of Netravali Waterfall is located in Sanguem Taluka. It covers an area of ​​211 square kilometers and is connected to the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary. The government has announced the inclusion of the entire area as a wildlife sanctuary to protect the Western Ghats. This is a waterfall in South Goa. People walk to the water to get there and stand on an island-like place with a spectacular view of the waterfall.

  • high: 130m
  • Best time to visit: October to February
  • River: Zuali
  • distance: 2 hours from Margao
  • how can I get there: You can rent a bike or rent a taxi from Margao
  • Other attractions: Madee Wildlife Sanctuary

5. Tall Kuskem Falls in Goa:

Kuskem Waterfall is located in Canacona Taluka in southern Goa. The water flows from the high hillsides, flowing like clear water. It’s not as popular as Dudhsagar or Arvalem waterfalls, but still worth a visit. And, best during monsoons and post-monsoons. But when summer comes, it’s drooling.

  • high: 100 feet
  • Best time to visit: June to October
  • River: Sal
  • distance: 2 hours drive from Panaji to Kuskem village
  • how can I get there: From Hatipol in Kuskam you need to hike to the waterfall
  • Other attractions: Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary and Chapoli Dam

6. Tambdi Surla Falls: Thrilling waterfalls in wildlife:

Trekking through the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary will lead you to Tambdi Surla Waterfall. There has been a sacred temple from the 15th century Shiva. Don’t forget to visit the temple. The water flows from the mountain, and the greenery is full of trees and shrubs.

  • high: 50 meters
  • Best time to visit: July and September
  • River: Sula
  • distance: 1:30 hour drive from Panaji
  • how can I get there: Once you reach Carnazol, you need to hike up the waterfall
  • Other attractions: Temple of Thandisura.

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7. Medicinal Kesarval Falls:

Kesarval Waterfall is located on the Verna plateau, 22 km from Panaji. Waterfalls are spread across tropical woodlands and areca palm trees. The word “Kesarval” is derived from the Hindi word for eagle and was used to maintain the colonies there. Water has medicinal properties. Take a shower if you like!

  • high: 70 meters
  • Best time to visit: July to March
  • River: Zuali
  • distance: About 22 km from Panaji
  • how can I get there: You can take a taxi on the Panaji-Margao highway
  • Other attractions: Santana Church, La Colle and Mormogau

8. Beautiful Hivre Falls:

This is a small village with green trees and a small stream flowing quietly. This is an ideal place for those who like to hike. The nearest city to the village of Hivre is the city of Valpoi. This is a beautiful waterfall in Goa.

  • high: 50 meters
  • Best time to visit: June to September
  • River: Tilary
  • distance: About 14 km from the city of Valboy
  • how can I get there: You can rent a car or rent a taxi from Valpoi
  • Other attractions: Trekking, including advanced levels

9. The perfect Bamanbudo Falls:

Bamanbudo Falls in Goa is famous for its crystal clear waters. This raw, raw beauty is the delight of every nature lover. The best part about these waterfalls is that they are easily accessible without any dangerous treks. These waterfalls are located on the backside of Aub Ghat and are one of the best but lesser known waterfalls in Goa.

  • high: 130 meters
  • Best time to visit: June to September
  • River: Cali
  • distance: 88 km from Panaji
  • how can I get there: You can rent a car or rent a taxi
  • Other attractions: You can go bird watching here

10. Charavane Falls, pristine beauty:

Charavane Falls is another beautiful place that is less popular with tourists. It is located in the village of Charavane, about 12 km from the city of Valpoi. The waterfall is set in lush green surroundings and the roar of the water can be heard from far away. These waterfalls are part of the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary.

  • high: about 40M
  • Best time to visit: July to December
  • River: Mahathir
  • distance: 12 km from Valpe
  • how can I get there: You can rent a car or rent a taxi
  • Other attractions: Mahathir Wildlife Sanctuary

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11. Misty Kamaria Falls:

Karmalya Waterfall is located in the scenic village of Karmalya. This is a lesser known place and usually not crowded. Only a few make the effort to explore this beautiful place no less than paradise. The water falls from a height and appears milky white. This is a seasonal waterfall that only exists in the monsoons. In summer, the water will dry up.

  • high: about 50M
  • Best time to visit: July to September
  • River: Oppa
  • distance: 7 km from Ponda City and 38 km from Dabolim Airport
  • how can I get there: You can rent a car or rent a taxi
  • Other attractions: You can enjoy a cool splash in the water

Additional tips to keep in mind when visiting Goa Falls:

Keeping these points in mind before visiting the falls can help you stay safe:

  • Make sure to bring enough food and water beforehand to avoid convenience
  • Always bring extra clothes and towels for changing
  • Some waterfalls can be very dangerous during monsoons due to high currents.
  • If you visit Saada Falls during the monsoons, take note!There may be a lot of leeches that can suck your blood
  • If you’re planning to hike, make sure you’re wearing the right gear and don’t try to impromptu hiking in flip flops.
  • Carry a first aid kit and some medicine with you

What could be better than relaxing for a week in one of these beautiful places. Being surrounded by nature, enjoying the sound of water and the scent of birds and flowers, can take your experience to a whole new level. The chaos in your mind is instantly replaced by peace and tranquility. No amount of money can bring you such happiness! If you are looking for a vacation like this, what are you waiting for? Pack up, go, go, Goa!

Expert Q&A:

1. How to solve the waterfall leech problem?

Leeches are the toughest creatures to deal with because they don’t come off you as easily. They can go ahead without your notice, and they can suck blood. It is recommended that you check your shoes, socks and all clothing for a short period of time to make sure you are not being neglected. If you find leeches on your body, the best way to get rid of them is to sprinkle some salt or a few drops of dew to repel them.

2. How are the food options near these waterfalls?

Most of the waterfalls are located in extremely remote locations, making it difficult to even get tea or water. It is recommended to pack your own food and drinking water to avoid starvation. Also, be sure to handle plastic with care and don’t litter. Be a responsible tourist.

3. Do they charge to bring a camera to the waterfall?

Well, not all waterfalls are managed by local authorities. Some are free for tourists to enjoy the scenery, some are not. Especially at the famous Dudhsagar Waterfall, tourists have to pay around 50 rupees to bring a camera. You may want to double-check these rules before entering.