12 Beautiful Pictures of Huma Qureshi Without Makeup

12 Beautiful Pictures of Huma Qureshi Without Makeup

12 Beautiful Pictures of Huma Qureshi Without Makeup


Remember the movie Wasipur Gang? The title of the movie immediately reminds you of the beautiful Huma Qureshi. This talented artist is known for her gorgeous looks and lovely hair. She’s a curvaceous figure who is capable of expressing herself well both on and off screen. Huma is often seen without makeup to show off her natural side. She looks beautiful despite no makeup. Check out some of the best photos of Huma Qureshi without makeup.

Huma Qureshi without makeup images:

1. The beautiful queen:

Currently, Huma Qureshi is a true no-makeup beauty in Bollywood. Her lovely face angles and angelic eyes are the perfect combination for a super hit movie. Beyond that, she brings so much intensity to her characters that her fans love her. This flawless beauty often faces complications when wearing makeup, but she looks great without it.

2. Fashion travel:

For Huma Qureshi, stress is definitely not a factor in looking bad or unselfish. The photo was clicked while she was taking off from an airport in Delhi. Despite a tiresome and exhausting flight, she managed to look charming enough to point the camera at her.

3. Minimalist beauty:

This photo of Huma Qureshi is one of her many successful films. Without makeup, she managed to look very attractive and steal the audience’s attention. The fact that Huma’s acting and looks go hand in hand in the film is the reason for her career success.

4. Tired but pretty look:

real! Who needs mascara when you have Huma Qureshi on set. Her alluring natural beauty and lovely facial lines are enough to impress the audience. In this photo, according to her character, her face is natural with no makeup at all. Her gorgeous looks are nothing short of a godsend, beyond the measure of even the best beauty products in the world.

5. Sweet Smile:

This is an old photo of Huma Qureshi. Here she looks casual and still pretty enough to affect us all. Her smile depicts her huge heart and her bright eyes bring out her inner beauty. This woman makes all the top beauty products seem insignificant in front of her.

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6. Prepare to shop:

Huma has always brought her best self to the screen and that character on the street. She is bold, smart, and beautiful. What more does this demanding world need a woman to be successful? This photo was taken while she was shopping in the streets of Mumbai.

7. Beauties in the audience:

Huma Qureshi is an all-time natural beauty who likes to keep things simple. Here we see the flawless beauty in her best self by wearing a light green top and ripped jeans over a white top and ripped jeans.

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8. White light:

Here, Huma Qureshi looks plain in a casual white salwar kameez. Although Huma looks simple, she looks very beautiful, and her presence affects people’s eyes.

9. Woodland Product Launch:

Huma Qureshi was spotted at a Woodland store assisting the company in launching their winter collection. Here, she shows off a no-makeup face, but still looks very charming.

10. Airport appearance:

We’re all for this look of Huma at the airport. She shows us how to travel in style and stay comfortable. Long flights are no longer a problem with this comfortable vest and cardigan. Oversized clear glasses look great on her.

11. Kill the Queen:

Huma wore this adorable dress to the movie screening. She didn’t wear makeup, but she still looked chic. She can never go wrong with her blue suit with fishtail braids and a black bag.

12. The world’s top selfies:

This selfie of Huma with no makeup at all was taken at the Balloon Festival. She nailed the look with her winter jacket and dark aviator. She wears no accessories and embraces minimalism. We love this look!

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Huma Qureshi is one of the few actresses who can go without makeup. Her flawless skin and flowing thick hair are a big plus. Huma is also known for opting for simple outfits, and most of the time she’s been spotted wearing no heavy accessories. She likes to play with her sunglasses and bag. With skin like Huma, who has time for makeup?