12 different types of eyebrow shape images

12 different types of eyebrow shape images

12 different types of eyebrow shape images

How to look beautiful? Most of us focus on haircuts, makeup and clothing to achieve flawless beauty. But we all forget one important thing – eyebrows! The shape and beauty of the eyebrows say a lot about the look and can accentuate the look. So, today we are going to talk to you about popular celebrity eyebrow shapes! These celebrities and heroines inspire us and give us clues about the best shape we can all follow. With the different shapes possible for brows, these actresses help us be perfect for showing off.

So why wait? Let’s go ahead and check out the best celebrity brows based on different brow shapes.

12 Beautiful Pictures of Celebrity Brow Shapes:

Here we go; let’s move on to the most popular eyebrow types followed by our celebrities. We research different types and varieties of brows based on their shape and volume, and divide them according to our celebrity-following way for the best understanding and inspiration! Let’s take a look!

1. Thick eyebrows:

Overall, we’re here to talk about thick brows first. Thick eyebrows don’t mean they are thick or unretouched. Instead, here we have the most beautiful brow shapes in manicured form. In this type of brow shape, you can decide whether you want a neat and perfectly defined brow shape, or a little touch up. Here are some of our celebrities flaunting thick brows.

Our favorite celebrities with thick eyebrows.

Lily Collins – Celebrities with thick eyebrows

Vergara – Neatly trimmed thick eyebrows

Camilla Bell – Thick matte filled brows

2. Thin eyebrows:

Another brow shape we have based on volume is the thin brow. Most of you are familiar with this type. Here we have pencil-thin brows, perfect for women who opt for softer features. Friends with youthful temperament can try it.

Few celebrities have thin eyebrows,

Charlize Theron:

Megan Fox:

Taylor Swift:

3. Steep or high arched eyebrows:

Next we have this unique eyebrow type. We’ve all heard of angled eyebrows. Steep or arched eyebrows fall into this category. Within angled eyebrows, there may be different appearances and shapes. These high, steep arched brows are suitable for women with pointed chins or oval and diamond face shapes. They are particularly neatly shaped and trimmed above the brow bone, making them ideal for women who are not too soft and thin. It is also considered by many to be the best brow styling and brow shape. Some examples of these include,

Jordan Dunn –

Taraji Hansen –

4. The arch near the tail:

Another type of arched brow consists of a softer version at the beginning and a little arch at the edges towards the tail. This means there is an arch near the outer corner of the brow. Women with rounder faces are perfect for this brow shape. It softens the look and balances out the entire facial features.

Angelina Jolie-

Margot Robbie —

5. Center Arched Brows:

If your face shape is too broad and you want to tone down the entire facial look, then central arched brows are perfect. This helps to make the face symmetrical and gives a perfect impression of beauty. This brow shape is also known as the arched brow near the middle. Some celebrities who have tried this look are,

Gigi Hadid –

Mindy Kaling-

6. Minimal Bow Brows:

If you like arched brows, but don’t like or idealize a pointed or higher shape, a minimal arch is perfect. The arch is almost non-existent; you can’t identify it until you examine the shape. However, it is perfect and gives a natural feel. The shape accentuates your look and provides a stylish look. Women with wider cheekbones, wider faces, or even square faces, in addition to fat women, can also try this.

Tamana –

Jennifer Aniston –

7. Round eyebrows:

Do you have a sharp face? If so, you must try round brows. The brow arch here is not angular, but turns like a circle. As a result, this shape gives a flattering and flawless look and brings a voluminous look on the upper part of the face. Conversely, women with round faces should never try this brow shape because it looks wider and wider, which we don’t like.

Emma Stone –

Sarah Ali Khan –

Scarlett Johansson-

8. Straight eyebrows:

Not everyone has a natural arched brow shape. If you don’t have such a look, you don’t need to force artificial arches. Instead, a straight eyebrow trim and shape may work best for you. Women with straight eyebrows give a more subtle and soft look, as well as a sleek, chic look. Women with heart-shaped faces are best suited for this look.

Rooney Mara –

Natalie Portman-

Kendall Jenner –

Jennifer Lawrence-

9. Tapered Brows:

Tapered eyebrows are one of the highest maintenance shapes. Here, the shape of the brows is thicker at the inner 2/3 corners, arched down gradually, and lighter at the ends. This means that the trim will taper off as the brows drop. Hence, this creates the illusion of fuller, thicker brows. Women with tapered eyebrows can have an oval or rectangular face shape.

Priyanka Chopra-

Kim Kardashian eyebrows –

10. S-Shaped Brows:

S-shaped eyebrows are a less dramatic shape among other shapes. Here, the S-shaped brow shape is concave at the inner corners and then arched and elongated near the tail. Mostly, it is the natural shape of the eyebrows. However, some celebrities are even eager to achieve this look. To get this brow shape, the first row of hair and the inner part and a layer on top of the tail should be removed. The middle area, when left untouched, has the effect of sloping down, creating an S-shape. Celebrities with this eyebrow shape are,

Gwen Stefani —

Penelope Cruz —

11. Short eyebrows:

If you don’t have too long eyebrows, you don’t have to worry either. The short brow trend has always existed on women. However, when you do short brows, prefer to make it thicker as the thin texture might make it look almost nothing! Hence, short, thick brows provide a bold style statement.

Aditi Rao Hydrari-

12. Extra Long Tail Brows:

If you like a dramatic look, the super long tail brow shape is a perfect choice. Here, the tail of the brow extends to the outer corner of the eye for a bold, vibrant look. Women with longer, oval faces can try this as brows attract a lot of attention. Women with slender bodies and soft, rounded faces are not advised to try this brow shape.

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Nafisa Williams —

So, did you enjoy exploring this list of the most common eyebrow shapes? Our celebs have nailed the look of brows and have always inspired us to achieve the perfect look. But, without a doubt, the best brow fill, trim and shape can also accentuate our overall look. What do you think?