12 Famous Festivals You Must Experience in Punjab

12 Famous Festivals You Must Experience in Punjab

12 Famous Festivals You Must Experience in Punjab


We always see Punjabi celebrations in our movies. However, if you want to know about the exuberant spirit and grand way of life, you need to experience Punjab festivals for yourself. The state is known as the Land of Five Rivers because it has five babbling rivers flowing through it. Punjab is widely acclaimed for its rich culture, welcoming people and magnetic field.

Let’s go through this article to understand the Punjabi culture beautifully display their authenticity and values ​​through their festivals at their grandest.

Major festivals celebrated in Punjab:

Punjab is one of the agriculturally fertile lands in the country and most of its festivals revolve around agriculture. Hence, Punjabi festivals give you an insight into the traditions and excitement associated with them.

1. Lori:

Lohri is a winter harvest festival in Punjab where the holy fire of Lohri is lit and reaches the sky when mist and cold waves cast spells on the longest winter night. The days after Lohri start to get warm and long as people pray to the sun god for warmth. Cheerful folk music and dancing further enhance the festive atmosphere. Traditional dishes like Sarson da saag, Makki di roti, til rice are prepared on this occasion.

Main Attractions: Bonfires and people singing folk songs and dancing around the fire.

when: January.

Where: All over Punjab.

Festival Duration: one day.

Lori 2022: January 13

2. Basant Panchami:

Although basant panchami is celebrated all over the country, the zeal with which Punjab celebrates it makes it even more special. This colourful festival marks the arrival of spring in India, on this day Goddess Saraswati is worshipped and considered very auspicious. So people think it’s a good day to start something new, like buying a house.

Main Attractions: People wear bright yellow clothes to worship Goddess Saraswati, and colorful kites can be seen flying in the sky.

when: February.

Where: the whole of Punjab.

Festival Duration: one day.

Basant Panchami 2022: February 5 (dates may vary)

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3. White Saki:

Baisakhi is the harvest festival in Punjab, beautifully commemorating all occupational abilities through the festival. The day when the first crop is harvested is called Baisakhi. People across the state enthusiastically enjoyed the fruits of their labor through the winter. The festival also marks the first day of the Sikh New Year and the harvest of the first crop.

Main Attractions: People all over the country perform Bangla in traditional costumes. Many fairs are held, of which the food stalls are the highlight.

when: April.

Where: All over Punjab.

Festival Duration: one day.

White Saki 2022: April 14 (dates may vary)

4. Magee:

Maghi is the Mela Help commemorating 40 Sikh martyrs and is held every year in Muktsar Sahib. Originally, the third guru of Sikhism, Guru Amar Das, mentioned and observed the festival. But later, the tradition of commemorating the Sikh martyr who gave his life to protect the tenth Guru has begun. People eat kheer made from sugar cane juice during the celebration of this festival.

Main Attractions: Large gathering of Sikhs and kheer prepared with sugarcane juice.

when: January.

Where: All over Punjab.

Festival Duration: one day.

5. Promote:

Teeyan celebrates the arrival of the monsoon and is also a dance festival for women. At the Teej festival in Punjab, young Indian women tie a swing to a tree in shiny and colorful clothes. Married women pray for the happiness of their spouses after dancing and sing beautiful songs to describe their love for their spouses.

Main Attractions: Swings, Jeddah and music.

when: July-August.

Where: All over Punjab.

Uplift 2022: July 31

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6. Jomela:

Jor Mela or Shaheedi Jor Mela is celebrated in memory of Guru Gobind Singh’s martyred son and is a religious gathering. It is held every December in Gurudwara Fatehgarh district of Punjab’s Fatehgarh district and is attended by hundreds of thousands of religious followers. Street parades and Sikh holy book recitations are the highlights of the festival.

Main Attractions: Street parade.

when: December.

Where: Fatehgarh sahib district.

Festival Duration: three days.

7. Guruprabhu:

Gurupurab is a spiritual issue for Sikhs and is one of the important festivals in Punjab. This festival celebrates the birth anniversary of a Sikh master who is revered in the Sikh community. A religious procession accompanied by chants marks the beginning of the festival. During this auspicious festival, you can enjoy sweet and holy langar, pray and seek blessings.

Main Attractions: Religious procession.

when: November.

Where: throughout the state.

Festival Duration: one day.

Guruprabhu 2021: November 19

Guruprabhu 2022: November 8

8. Hola Mohalla:

Hola Mohalla is one of the famous festivals celebrated in Anandpur Sahib and Kiratpur Sahib after Holi across the country. Guru Govind Singh received the Khalsa Panth commemorated by the people of the state. Langar, path, kirtan are arranged and Gurudwaras are beautifully decorated. During this festival, the philosophy of life taught by the great Sikh masters is remembered and the area is immersed in a spiritual atmosphere.

Main Attractions: Religious programs, cultural events, Nihangs horse riding, langar of Gurudwaras.

when: march.

Where: All over Punjab.

Festival Duration: three days.

Hola Mohalla 2022: March 18-20 (dates may vary)

9. Chapamela:

Chappar Mela is one of the spectacular festivals in Punjab and is celebrated in honor of Gugga Pir in honor of his lineage. In addition to various traditions, this fair is filled with music and dancing every September. In addition, people worship the snake king on this festival, a tradition that started about 150 years ago.

Main Attractions: Fun filled activities, music and dancing.

when: September.

Where: ludhiana.

Festival Duration: three days.

Chapamela 2022: September

10. Cavachos:

Karwa Chauth is a well-known festival celebrated in northern India and holds a special place among festivals in Punjab. Women celebrate marriage and engagement in Kartik month from sunrise to moonrise. They pray for the longevity and health of their partner and are a beautiful representation of the bond between married couples.

Main Attractions: Women dress like they are on their wedding day. Women break the fast after looking at the moon.

when: October.

Where: All over Punjab.

Festival Duration: one day.

Cavachos 2022: October 13 (dates may vary)

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11. Diwali:

Diwali is another widely celebrated festival in the Punjab region where people light their houses to the max and decorate them with folk art. Offer and distribute candy. Amritsar’s Golden Temple adorns itself, while earthen lamps sail ahead like newlywed brides.

Diwali 2021: November 4

Diwali 2022: October 24 (dates may vary)

12. Tikka or Bhai Dooj:

Tikka, commonly known as Bhai Dooj, is a festival celebrated the day after Diwali and symbolizes the wonderful bond between siblings. The sisters prayed for his long life by smearing tika on his forehead. Brothers give gifts to sisters and exchange sweets with each other.

Main Attractions: Celebrate the wonderful bond between siblings, gifts and sweets.

when: November.

Where: All over Punjab.

Festival Duration: one day.

Tika 2021: November 6

Tika 2022: October 27 (date may vary)

You can experience the warmth and colour of Punjab during the festival. The people of this state welcome a person with open arms, and you’ll never find yourself alone in this place. All major festivals are related to agriculture and are an integral part of their lives. Mark your calendar for the dates of these festivals before you plan to visit Punjab. So if you found this article helpful, don’t forget to let us know!

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1. What is your favorite shopping item you can buy in Punjab?

answer: Here is a list of some items you can buy as a souvenir of your visit to Punjab:

  • Punjabi
  • Punjabi suit.
  • Amritsar Kimchi.
  • bracelet.
  • Palandis.
  • Punjabi phulkari.
  • wool.

2. What are the famous folk dance forms in Punjab?

answer: Some of the famous festivals specific to Punjab are:

  • Jeddah.
  • Bangla.
  • Dammam.
  • Bender.
  • Duff.
  • Naqual.

3. Why is Baisakhi celebrated in Punjab?

answer: Baisakhi is considered the national festival of Punjab. It commemorates the harvest of the first season of the year and is also considered the first day of the new year according to the Sikh calendar.