12 Gorgeous Photos of Kim Kardashian Without Makeup

12 Gorgeous Photos of Kim Kardashian Without Makeup

12 Gorgeous Photos of Kim Kardashian Without Makeup


Kim Kardashian is an example of overnight fame. The popular TV personality rose to fame immediately after a close friendship with hotelier and socialite Paris Hilton. The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star is known for her luxurious living and fashion sense. While she’s opted for glamorous outfits and heavy make-up on screen, she’s also comfortable without makeup. Kim likes to keep her looking natural and light on a regular basis. She’s also one of the few celebrities who confidently shoots a Vogue cover without makeup. The article features some of the best Kim Kardashian no-makeup selfies and candid photos.

best gold Kardashian Photos with zero makeup:

1. Makeup tutorial to see:

Can you spot the difference? Of course, the second photo shows Kim with makeup and vanishing, but the photo without makeup shows her flawless skin. Her long eyelashes and plump lips are so enviable. She’s wearing no makeup at all here.

2. What it looks like after the shower:

We wonder how Kim looks so amazing after a hot shower! No open pores, no puffy eyes, Kim looks like she could jump into a suit and kill the ramp. We love the way she tied her hair in a snow-white towel.

3. Behind the scenes selfies:

Kim wore her fleece and tied up bun to completely remove this post-workout look. We love this snapchat selfie of her signature long lashes. We wonder if Kim needs makeup? In this photo, she looks as fresh as dewdrops.

4. Fashion Girl:

Kim regularly plays cover girl roles for many magazines. But Kim appeared on the cover of the Spanish magazine without makeup. She looks so natural and this photo is a testament to how confident she is without any makeup.

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5. Flawless Beauty:

This photo clearly shows that Kim has endorsed a lot of expensive makeup brands and looked gorgeous. But she doesn’t look bad without makeup. She just looks a little different, that’s all. Here, Kim keeps her hair down, rocking a winter morning in a fancy jacket.

6. Fair-skinned beauties:

Kim Kardashian has expressive eyes that form a huge part of her beauty. Here, Kim wears casual attire for a family outing. Kim’s no-makeup look is an inspiration for women who struggle with makeup day in and day out.

7. Sock bag appearance:

In this photo, Kim wishes everyone good morning with no makeup. Kim’s braided hair, plain face, and casual clothes reveal her simplicity. Without a doubt, she is one of the most beautiful celebrity moms in the world even without makeup,

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8. Hi-life in Hi-Pony:

Kim Jong walks with her toddler. Due to her pregnancy, she has hardly had any cosmetic issues. One of the most amazing facts about Kim Kardashian is her natural beauty. Her flawless skin and excellent complexion are a role model for many women to be confident and without makeup.

9. Work out the look:

Here’s a photo of Kim leaving the gym. She rocked the streets of Los Angeles in a tight black sleeveless top and slim sweatpants. Kim without makeup is no less than a diva. Her creamy skin and toned muscles provide the perfect workout look.

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10. Sun kisses or sun burns:

Kim Kardashian posted this photo of her in which she wanted to reveal how careless she was with her makeup. She forgot to wear sunscreen and filmed the consequences she faced. As cool as Kim looks, a lot of women are talking about the disaster.

11. Baseball Styling:

In this photo, Kim is wearing a Henley mid-sleeve tee. She looks very fresh and flawless without any makeup. Those who know Kim say how much she likes to keep her natural despite being one of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities.

12. Blonde Bun Look:

This photo of Kim was taken at her home. Her braided hair and casual black top made her look divine. Kim’s natural beauty cannot be measured by outrageous beauty products. Her blonde bun makes her look stylish and comfortable. It fits perfectly with her simple gold chain.

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Kim Kardashian has been paid hugely for her endorsement of a number of brands. This beauty is known to pull off any look and is constantly being sought after by the fashion police. She has a toned body and equally beautiful skin. With or without makeup, Kim never stops impressing her followers. Her unfiltered photos show her clear features and glowing skin. Thumbs up to Kim for makeup-free, crystal clear skin!