13 Best Pictures of Lakshmi Rai Without Makeup

13 Best Pictures of Lakshmi Rai Without Makeup

13 Best Pictures of Lakshmi Rai Without Makeup


Lakshmi Rai is a famous South Indian actress who starred in quite a few Telegu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada films, eventually becoming one of the most popular faces in southern cinema. Lakshmi Rai, who recently changed her name to Rai Lakshmi in 2014, started her career as a fresh-faced model, starring in many commercials such as Bru coffee and fair and Lovely.

She is known for her flawless milky skin and is often spotted without makeup. In today’s article, however, we’ll take a look at the celebrity to determine if her good looks are based solely on professional studio artists, or if she’s truly a natural beauty. Check out some of the best pictures of Lakshmi Rai without makeup.

Top pics of Lakshmi Rai without makeup:

1. Post-workout appearance:

This photo of Lakshmi Rai sweating in her crawler and top is sure to make the weather hotter. She clearly has flawless skin, and her flat abs are the result of a high-intensity workout. She sports a tight pony with a pair of earplugs. She looks ready to hit the ramp, not the gym!

2. Desi-Bhabhi Look:

Considering Lakshmi’s fame in contemporary clothing, this photo may come as a shock to many. She looks simple and elegant in this saree. Glass bracelets with neatly braided and round bindhi can make you fall in love with this beauty.

3. Female college student styling:

Imagine if you had a classmate as beautiful as her! All eyes are on this beauty, not the chalkboard. Found here is a Lakshmi rai wearing a simple T-shirt and a leopard print scarf. She wears no earrings or makeup and is a perfect example of natural beauty.

4. Mirror Selfie:

We love this beautiful selfie of Rai Lakshmi without makeup, except for her colorful tresses. She was wearing a simple sequin dress and a chain. This beauty certainly doesn’t need extra makeup, her only accessory is her charming smile. We are totally in love with this beauty!

5. Furry Love:

Open her list of no makeup photos and you’ll melt her no makeup photos as Raai Lakshmi pouted and poses, while holding her dear dog, she also poses with her, clean and full of cuteness

6. Sultry and humid look:

There is no doubt that Raai Lakshmi is a natural beauty. In this photo here, Lakshmi has a radiant, warm glowing makeup-free face that clearly shows how her beauty can be unmanageable when it comes to makeup and professional hairstyles.

7. Swing Sports Look:

Getting ready for the CCL, the Celebrity Cricket League, Raai donned a blue and neon green match jersey as she opted for a no-makeup look. Her natural-looking hair fell over her shoulders, her clean face gleaming in the sun as she excitedly plunged into herself.

8. Denim Denim Look:

A simple still of Raai Lakshmi shows us that she can take off her blue shirt with no problem. The model-turned-actress looked as bright and sparkly as the new Penny, and she smiled from cheek to cheek as she looked as beautiful as ever.

9. Adorable Pet Lover Looks:

There’s always time for a little pet selfie. Lakshmi Rai is obsessed with her two adorable friends who look gorgeous without any trace of makeup. In this photo, two dogs are also posing with her, which leaves us wondering who is cuter than the other.

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10. Hot as a coffee look:

Raai Lakshmi takes a coffee break outside of her script, dialogue, and makeup, probably right after she finishes one of her shots, where Raai Lakshmi is clicked off-screen on her set. While the better parts of her face than her pretty peepers are obscured by her large dark glasses, she appears to be in her real skin, looking great, drinking coffee.

11. Killer looks selfie:

Raai Lakshmi with a fresh hairstyle, sweet side glance, always so plain and decent, it makes people feel distressed. This peerless beauty tilted her head sideways, the corners of her mouth twitched, and she looked like a smirk, as beautiful as ever. She does look good without makeup.

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12. Gaze into the void:

Here we have a candid Lakshmi with a fresh face and clear skin staring in the other direction. The picture specifically states that Lakshmi here is not wearing any makeup, but her flawless skin left us in awe and stunned.

13. Cascading Hair:

The final and final hit on Lakshmi Raai’s makeup-free list includes this downright gorgeous selfie. She casually parted her hair to one side and posed for a one-eyed selfie that looked as fresh and clear as ever. Her loose white shirt accentuates her morning freshness, while her honey-brown mane looks chic.

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Rai Lakshmi is one of the most popular stars on Instagram. Her photos are very candid and she is often seen posing with her adorable pets. She wears makeup most of the time, and when she does, it’s subtle and never exaggerated. Rai Lakshmi is an actress born with a good physique and radiant skin. With those killer smiles on his face, Rai Lakshmi must be a heartbreaker!