13 Gorgeous Photos of Katy Perry Without Makeup

13 Gorgeous Photos of Katy Perry Without Makeup

13 Gorgeous Photos of Katy Perry Without Makeup


Sweetie Katy Perry is known for her natural beauty. She looks so innocent and beautiful both on and off screen. Kathryn Elizabeth Hudson, also known as Katy Perry, is one of the most famous American female singers of all time. She has won numerous awards for her extraordinary composition and songwriting. Most of her albums have managed to break Billboard records, and in addition to her god-sent voice, she also has a unique styling attitude and impressive dressing sense that is instantly impressive. She can master any appearance well, including her natural, true self. Katie has an amazing complexion and a healthy complexion, and she shows it off with confidence. Some of Katy Perry’s no-makeup selfies here are some of the best of the rest.

1. Zero Makeup:

This photo can shock her admirers. Katie looks distressed in this photo, but look at her skin. Even though her zero makeup looks so pretty and fresh. The singer opted to strip off all the layers of makeup to reveal a fresh beauty.

2. Candy Girl:

Katy Perry is quite a sport when it comes to trying on her outfits. She chose candy costumes and boys! We must say she looks delicious. Her pink candy shape on the dress reflects her soft, glowing skin. In this photo, she does look happy and entertaining herself.

3. Prepare to execute:

Katie was all smiles as she took the stage excitedly. The singer-actress looked fresh, despite no makeup at all. Her skin looked spotless and we didn’t notice any sagging, tan lines or blemishes. Definitely the result of all food skin regimes.

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4. Relaxation time:

Katy Perry looks so happy and relaxed in this peach hammock. She’s in the sun and her vacation is worth every minute of her time. Seeing this, she showed her face. One can notice false eyelashes, but other than that, the singer seems to be cooling on her skin!

5. Hello!

Katie looks a little different without makeup, but still has the qualities to impress us with her million-dollar smile and natural beauty. We can tell how pure she is just by looking at her face. This amazing woman always looks beautiful with or without makeup.

6. Stay comfortable:

This photo of Katy Perry was taken while she was walking with her boyfriend John Mayer. She looks different in this photo from what she actually does. Even though she doesn’t wear makeup, she still looks good enough to impress her millions of fans.

7. Pretty maiden:

Katy Perry is a very lovely woman. She looks very cute and innocent in this particular photo. This is what she clicked while dining at the restaurant. If someone can look so beautiful without makeup, imagine what she would look like with makeup on.

8. The flash lights up the eyes:

Here’s a photo of Katy Perry with her little cousin. She looked like a little girl in that pink sweater and flawless skin. People close to her can tell you how great she is as a person. She barely needs any makeup to look beautiful.

9. Splash:

This photo of Katie was clicked when she was spotted swimming. If she was wearing any makeup, the water had washed off all her makeup. This is one of the most inspiring pictures for women who spend most of their time worrying about their beauty and makeup. Katy Perry is the lifeblood of many who wish to present their natural look.

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10. With and without makeup:

Compare these before and after photos of Katy Perry’s makeup. Katie on the left is wearing no makeup, and on the right she looks dazzling with mascara on. You can easily recognize her without makeup because she looks so natural. A simple headband and sporty hooded jacket can make Katy Perry look divine.

11. Hoodie Girls:

It’s incredible how beautiful a woman can look in just a hooded jacket, a hat, and other casual clothing. Katie’s beauty comes from within. She likes to keep it simple and knows very well the secret to happiness from the heart.

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12. Rain and rain go away:

Katy Perry was spotted wearing a coat with slim-fitting pants and sneakers on a rainy day. She was casual that day and kind of liked the rain. Katie looks lovely in this photo, she’s wearing a very casual yet stylish outfit that’s too good not to get wet in the rain. What is the use of an umbrella?

13. Work out the look:

Katie didn’t need anything to look good except for some jogging clothes and classy sunglasses. Here, she walks down the street as she completes her jogging workout. Katie reveals that exercise is not only good for her body, but also for her skin. Her natural look looks great.

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Katy Perry is never shy in front of the camera. The “Roaring” star is quite a heroine when it comes to showing off her raw and authentic self. She regularly updates her social media accounts with her latest photos. Katie always takes every opportunity to get rid of makeup and feel comfortable in her skin. She likes to keep things simple and practical. On and off stage, Katy has a charming presence that makes her such a lovely person. We hope you enjoy these stunning Katy Perry no makeup selfies.