14 Adorable Photos of Katherine Heigl Without Makeup

14 Adorable Photos of Katherine Heigl Without Makeup

14 Adorable Photos of Katherine Heigl Without Makeup


Aren’t we all in love with Izzy from the famous series Grey’s Anatomy? Famous American actress, fashion model and film director Katherine Heigl is the lucky lady in our article today. The leggy blonde has appeared in many rom-coms, from 27 Dresses to New Year’s Eve, Killer to Knocked Down, and in today’s article, we’re going to examine some of the best looks Katherine Heigl has given us. The problem with superstars is that they are constantly under scrutiny, which forces them to always be dressed up, which is one of the reasons they rarely go without makeup. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best Katherine Heigl selfies without makeup.

1. To travel:

Despite no makeup, Katherine looks gorgeous in this photo. She keeps her looks very natural without any traces of lipstick, concealer, mascara or any other makeup. Catherine’s face was shiny, but she liked to show it with confidence. She looks like she’s going to fly somewhere and prefers comfort to style.

2. Love being a mother:

Catherine looks delighted with her little one in this adorable photo. This intimate photo with her 2 month old son gave us mom the main goal. Her skin looks great and frankly her face is as beautiful as her little baby. Three cheers for the mom, baby duo!

3. No mother’s troubles:

We know the trouble every new mom goes through. Her fair skin looked stressed. Catherine wore no makeup at all and her hair was tied up to look fresh. Catherine wore a simple plaid shirt and a white tee, looking like she wanted more time with the kids than her vanity case.

4. Sun Kiss:

This adorable photo from the beach showed off her lovely skin in the sun’s spotlight. She did have a few red bumps on her face, probably due to a breakout of acne, but her face was beautiful. She has an even skin tone and a healthy complexion. Her two tone earrings are perfect for her face.

5. Family Selfie:

This makes for such a lovely family photo. Katherine looked happy in the company of her lovely children. She has no makeup, but is spotless. Her flawless skin looks as good as her baby loves. Katherine is a proud parent who can give us moms prime goals again.

6. Before and after:

Here we start this article with a makeup and no makeup comparison. Katherine Heigl, who was wearing no makeup in the first photo, looked absolutely beautiful in her natural self. There’s no spray tan or winged eyeliner, but her true self shines through with her spotless skin looking radiant and healthy.

7. Dog Show:

This is where it was shocking again on one of her inactive days, where she posed with a puppy and the two hugged as her natural self looked absolutely beautiful. Blonde hair fell precariously down her face as she gave the camera a pearly white smile.

8. Food time:

Katherine Heigl in this photo taken on the street, probably during her visit to New Orleans, looks absolutely gorgeous even without cakey makeup or professional hairstyles in stylish outfits . We love her cute little pearl necklace.

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9. Before and after makeup:

Just like normal us, even the stars have bad hair days and hangover mornings, and this is probably one of those days when Katherine Heigl didn’t wear makeup, and as she moved forward, she had a Messy pins. There was a hint of weariness in her eyes, but her skin was always radiant.

10. Laundry time:

Yes, even stars have to go out and run errands, like Katherine here, who dares to show her natural face when she has a load of clothes in her hand. Katherine Heigl still looks fresh and flawless without makeup.

11. Beauty time:

Here, we see the star heading to the spa for a day off in a blue tank top and casual denim. With her hair in a bun and a complete lack of makeup on her face, Katherine here looks natural, a little tired, and probably craves spa time more than anything.

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12. No makeup and makeup:

Pictures of Katherine Heigl with makeup and Katherine without makeup have surfaced again, and in the first photo, she appears to be looking absolutely gorgeous without makeup. In the first photo, her skin is without makeup. Aside from her somewhat dull appearance, she looks cute and fresh.

13. Street Fashion:

Here again, we see the star exuding a casual look with ease and grace in her no-makeup self in one of her simple styles. She looked effortless in this cute and casual outfit. She opted for minimal makeup but looked stunning. This is called, creating a ramp on the road.

14. Comfortable look:

Another photo of Katherine without makeup tells us how this stunner turned out to be a beauty in real life without makeup or professional lighting. Kate looked absolutely gorgeous in a warm and comfy jumper. No matter how cold the weather is, such a hot girl on the road will definitely warm up the climate.

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The stars are always ready and beautiful on camera, professional lighting and film techniques will make them always beautiful. However, it’s the off-camera appearance that really determines whether the star is truly a real-life stunner. Known for her signature golden locks and sweet romantic comedies, next door blonde Katherine Heigl is truly a beauty, both on and off camera. The star looked stunning in the 27-piece gown despite his ageing and multiple pregnancy. We hope you enjoy these Katherine Heigl no makeup selfies.