14 Amazing Photos of Drew Barrymore Without Makeup

14 Amazing Photos of Drew Barrymore Without Makeup

14 Amazing Photos of Drew Barrymore Without Makeup

Drew Barrymore, popular for his roles in uber-hit movies like Never Been Kissed, Fifty Dates, and more, is a man of many talents. When she’s not posing for the camera, she’s known for her natural, raw look. The actress believes in ageing gracefully without much effort. She’s not a Botox person and likes to cover up her flaws with makeup and fillers. Drew Barrymore is a beauty known for her nature selfies on Instagram. She is often seen with loose eyebrows, disheveled hair, sagging skin, and even gray hair. Is she willing to respond to critics? no way. Drew loves to show her fans who she really is. Her attitude deserves applause. We hope you enjoy these original and authentic Drew Barrymore selfies without makeup.

1. Yoga time:

The beautiful actress believes in the power of yoga and exercise for the mind and body. Especially for the skin, yoga works wonders by working every facial muscle. No wonder this lady looks stunning despite her advanced age. Seeing her without makeup, she was sweating profusely.

2. Consider:

Drew seems to be thinking about something in this photo. She was so absorbed in her thoughts that she didn’t seem to notice that the paparazzi were clicking on her. Drew has no makeup and can see the dark spots on her skin. In this photo, she also has dry, dehydrated hair and face.

3. Beach Babes:

Drew seemed to enjoy walking on the beach, in the warm sun. She is the perfect example of sun-kissed beauty. The topless beauty looked great in a swimsuit, and her skin seemed to say thank you for your warmth. This photo is a perfect illustration of originality and authenticity.

4. Welcome fall:

Drew Barrymore is delighted to welcome fall. She was spotted taking a selfie at the park, and the excited actress clicked a photo of her in the lovely background. Drew is a nature lover, and this ideology is reflected in her way of life. She always loves what nature gives her.

5. Before and after makeup:

This photo with and without makeup really shows the difference between moments when Drew does and without makeup, and what she looks like in each situation. Luckily for her fans, Drew Barrymore looks almost the same when she removes makeup and shows off her completely natural face, which is why this photo is arguably the best Drew Barrymore ever did One of the makeup photos.

6. Young and beautiful:

This girl really knows how to make people jealous of her natural beauty, which is why she often flaunts it to shut up all the haters. Drew is one of her, and her enormous beauty makes this one of the best Drew Barrymore no-makeup photos ever.

7. Wild Child:

Drew does appear carefree at times because of her awesome facial beauty. She was probably one of the most beautiful women of her time because of her natural beauty, she could turn any man and woman into her lover.

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8. Breathtaking Blonde:

Drew does shine like gold and you know it’s all because of her natural beauty. This woman can shake the screen even if she just shows her face. This may be one of the best no-makeup photos of Drew Barrymore ever.

9. Innocence:

Drew Barrymore really likes a naive kid. This woman can simply show her true colors and look amazing in any way. She has that natural charisma that impresses like a wink. In this photo, she wears no makeup at all, showing off her completely natural face.

10. Tired but beautiful:

Drew did look tired after finishing her shout out and when she got home she was photographed and people were amazed to see how great the woman looked even though she was wearing no makeup. This photo was taken when she was relatively young and immature.

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11. Sushi time:

This is one of the best pictures of Drew Barrymore without any makeup. When it comes to showcasing natural beauty, this woman is nothing short of murderous. Her awe of true facial beauty cannot be overstated. She was happy with her sushi meal and seemed to enjoy it without guilt.

12. Candid photography:

Drew Barrymore is a playful woman and this photo also shows her having fun and joking as she gets into the car. Another thing this photo shows is her natural beauty. We can see the dry, patchy skin on her face, but Drew doesn’t seem to care.

13. Just pose:

You won’t see Drew Barrymore showing off her natural allure like this every day. This is one of the best pictures of Drew Barrymore without makeup. Her peach glow was evident on her skin, and we couldn’t see any traces of makeup. She looked spotless and beautiful.

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14. Hippie Girls:

Only Drew is confident enough to try out these new outfits coming this fall. People found her beautiful enough to rock her, no matter how crazy that might be. Drew is seen in this photo wearing a heavy jacket and bold gold accessories.

Drew Barrymore is an amazing woman with many super hit Hollywood movies in her outfit. Coming from the famous Barrymore family, Drew is also a multi-talented, multi-talented woman who loves to play with anything she likes. On and off screen, Drew has always been a superstar. She never worries about what her followers and fans think about her appearance. She is getting old and she knows it. She also wants her admirers to know this fact and thank her for being so honest with them. Crow’s feet near the eyes, sagging neck skin, wrinkles on the face, dark spots, etc. There’s nothing stopping the actress from showing off her god-given beauty. She was an inspiration to many women in the league. We hope you enjoy these stunning Drew Barrymore no makeup selfies.