14 Amazing Photos of Jesse J Without Makeup

14 Amazing Photos of Jesse J Without Makeup

14 Amazing Photos of Jesse J Without Makeup


Jessica Ellen Cornish, also known by her stage name Jessie J, is a famous songwriter from England. She’s known for her wild style, but she’s gorgeous on the outside. Her Twitter account regularly updates her undressed selfies and communicates with fans through photos. While she opted for heavy makeup on stage, the singer chose to keep things simple and natural offscreen. After removing the layers of makeup, her crystal clear skin shocked everyone. In this article, we’ll discuss Jessie J’s best no-makeup selfies.

1. Corporate image:

The singer opted for the conference room look in this photo. She has sleek hair, oversized glasses and a long trench coat. Jesse shows up in this photo but looks like a million bucks. She seemed engrossed in the phone conversation. We absolutely love this pose!

2. Shaved head shape:

How many of us can look so pretty despite almost shaved hair? She looked amazing in this unusual haircut, which she cut to the roots and dyed platinum. Her skin has a freshness that is almost impossible for many women. Don’t forget her lovely pink lips!

3. Going for a ride:

It’s a great day to go for a drive in the convertible. Jessie looked great in this understated look. She chose grey T-shorts and a silver choker. There was no makeup on her face, and even her eyebrows were distorted. We love how comfortable she looks in this photo.

4. Take a sack selfie:

Despite a tiring day, the singer still manages to look like an angel. She gave us her main beauty goals in this photo, which she posted on her social media accounts. She uploaded this collage of Jesse looking fresh and flowery without makeup. Her white robe complemented her radiant skin nicely.

5. Crow Hair Beauty:

There’s no denying that Jessie J does look different without makeup. But she does have a beautiful face that doesn’t need to be pampered with facial products. This is one of the best pictures of Jessie J without makeup.

6. Stay warm:

Jessie has a really cute face and when she removes her makeup she still looks stunning. The photo was clicked as the Grammy-nominated beauty left the airport. The fact that she was photographed even without makeup seemed to make her feel at ease. She is confident in her natural beauty.

7. This perfect pout:

Jessie J purses her lips in this no-makeup photo. She looks beautiful even with her makeup removed from her face. This photo shows off her perfect pout, making her look cuter than ever. Her lovely pink lips and flawless skin are every girl’s dream.

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8. Charming smile:

If you want to really see Jessie’s natural beauty, this is one of the best Jessie J without makeup. This is probably one of the prettiest pictures of Jesse showing off her completely real face, you’ll see.

9. Smile all the way:

Jessie has a childish feel to clothing, or that she can make anything look good on her. Her beautiful facial allure allows her to wear almost anything and look good. This particular picture of Jessie J without makeup was clicked at the airport.

10. Face change time:

If you’d like to see Jessie J for what it is, here’s one of the best photos of Jessie J without makeup, showing off her natural glow. Her face is absolutely divine and she can sport almost anything (makeup) on her face as her face is suitable for any type of beauty product.

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11. Pair yourself:

This particular Jessie J selfie without makeup got a lot of likes. The fuss behind this photo is due to the singer’s beautiful face. Her face has that power to attract and even convince people to look at the picture.

12. Fresh Skin:

If you want to see the famous singer without makeup, then this photo is for you. In this photo, she looks radiant and flawless. Her skin represents her health and shines like a diamond. Looks like someone polished it to perfection. This is also one of the best Jessie J no makeup photos ever.

13. Funny Bones Lady:

Jessie J likes to go crazy when she’s not obsessed with her busy schedule. This no-makeup photo is sure to give us all a lighthearted moment. She surprised fans by posing with her dentures on. It’s amazing to see how confident she is when posting such photos.

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14. Heroine:

Jessie J looks almost the same when she has minimal makeup on her face. This woman needs almost no beauty products to look stunning.

Jessie J is the perfect example of drawing the line between personal and professional life. She’s one of the few celebrities who isn’t afraid to show the world her true and raw side. Jessie has a strict skin management system, which she strictly follows. That’s the secret behind her mirror-smooth skin. She is known for her stunningly beautiful skin and pink lips. Her Instagram account is full of her selfies, which have won a lot of love. We hope you enjoy these best Jessie J no makeup selfies in this article.