14 Stunning Kodaikanal Attractions | Lifestyle

14 Stunning Kodaikanal Attractions | Lifestyle



Kodaikanal is a popular hill station in Tamil Nadu that fascinates tourists with its beautiful views. The city sits in the middle of the Bali Hills. A rare flower called Kurinji Flower blooms here, and it also blooms every 12 years. There are hills, waterfalls, lakes, orchards, gardens and more.

Best tourist attractions in Kodaikanal:

Do you want to plan a trip with your family or alone? This is the best tourist destination in Tamil Nadu, India, which offers you a great time, and that is Kodaikanal. Below we have listed 14 of the best tourist attractions in kodaikanal that will help bring the ultimate pleasure.

1. Shenbaganur Museum:

It is one of the famous museums in Tamil Nadu and displays very rare works of southern architecture. The museum is an initiative of the College of the Sacred Heart of Kodaikanal. The maintainers have kept a beautiful garden here filled with many birds and flowers. This museum is one of the best and most famous sightseeing spots in Kodaikanal.

2. Berijam Lake:

Lake Berijam is surrounded by the Upper Paranisoara Forest, which is full of beautiful flora and fauna. There are some famous plants such as digitalis, pyrethrum, yam and so on. The government has taken steps to maintain the lake and the surrounding area to control pollution and also make it a common tourist destination. Don’t miss it, this is one of the most exciting tourist attractions in Kodaikanal.

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3. Guna Cave:

Guna Cave is also known as the Devil’s Kitchen. It got its name because of its hidden gully, and a deep sinker that looks like a gutter, which is prone to accidents. To avoid accidents, local and familiar people should be brought there. Guna Cave is one of the best tourist attractions in Kodaikanal.

4. Silver Falls:

There are two beautiful waterfalls on the Ghat Road about 8 km from Kodaikanal. The Silver Cascade dropped about 180 feet with a loud thud, breaking the tranquility of the place. Family picnics and couples spending time here are often seen.

5. Kurinji Andavar Temple:

Religious people may want to visit the Kuringi Andawar Temple dedicated to Lord Murugan. In Tamil, Kurinji means “hilly area” and andandavar means God. One can also see the northern plains and Palani hills from this temple.

6. Bryant Park:

Bryant Park is named after British officer Glenn Bryant. They hold their annual flower and vegetable show every year, which is the main reason why tourists and foreigners from all over the country fly here. There is a glass house in the park with plenty of flowers and plants. Every May, the Glass House hosts a horticultural exhibition. This park is one of the other beautiful Kodaikanal tourist attractions.

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7. Kodaikanal Solar Observatory:

The Kodaikanal Solar Observatory was established in 1899 as part of the Indian Institute of Astrophysics. It was earlier known as the Heliophysical Observatory. There is an astronomy museum that displays various photos of the sun from the Fraunhofer Spectrum and Library. Kodaikanal Solar Observatory is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kodaikanal.

8. Cork Trail:

Coaker’s walk is where all morning walkers come to exercise. It is a little further away from the city lake and has views of the plains and valleys. Lt. Coaker prepared the map of Kodaikanal, the place named after him.Best time to visit this place is before 2.30 or late afternoon

9. Kodaikanal Lake:

Kodaikanal Lake is one of the most popular tourist attractions. The lake is artificially shaped like a star, covering an area of ​​about 60 mu, surrounded by green trees. This is a fun place for all those who love outdoor and water activities. There is a boat club that offers cycling, boating and more. There are also bicycles and horses to go around the lake.

10. Pillars:

There are three vertically erected granite boulders next to each other called pillar stones. This place has now become a famous tourist attraction and receives many tourists. These rocks are about 400 feet above the ground.

The stone pillars are another amazing place in Kodaikanal. It can be said that Kodaikanal is amazing and one of the main points or reasons behind this is the Pillar rock. Pillars are a popular sightseeing spot and arguably one of the best in Kodaikanal.

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11. Bear Shola Falls:

Bear Shola Falls is so named because bears used to come here to drink. This is one of the best spots in Kodaikanal and is visited almost every day due to its picturesque scenery. It can be said to be completely heartwarming, and the sound of the waterfall makes it even more charming. Surrounded by greenery, the lush green plantations are one of the main reasons why this place attracts a large number of tourists every year. It is so beautiful that locals in Tamil Nadu call it a must-see.

First of all, this place is not a tourist facility. Later, it was developed by keeping in mind that this would be one of the best tourist attractions in the state. Bear Shola Falls is a wonderful place that you will love.

12. Parney Hills:

These hills are located at an elevated position and can be seen from quite a distance. This Shanfury is really beautiful and people will love it. Arguably one of the best attractions in Tamil Nadu. It is basically an extension of the Western Ghats. They are like parallel to the Indian coast (West coast). This is one of the places where you can come and relax. The opportunities to have fun in this place are endless and one can get lost in the beautiful atmosphere of this place. It is located at a height of 2,500 m.

13. Green Valley Landscape:

You will find many such valleys in Kodaikanal and Green Valley is one of them. This place offers some of the best views of the surrounding land, the perfect place to relax and unwind. The green valley view is very popular due to the large number of people who come here. Sadly but true, the number of tourists who come here to visit outnumbers the number of locals who come here. It is especially crowded with foreigners almost all year round and is probably one of the best places to spend quality time with your family. Obviously, there are a variety of entertainment options and it’s also great for sightseeing. The beauty of this place makes it one of the best places to visit in Kodaikanal.

14. Kodaikanal Golf Club:

Here we have one of the most disciplined and noble districts of Kodaikanal. The Country Golf Club is popular with locals, and people from other states, cities and countryside come here to witness the beauty of the place. This private members club is restricted to outsiders, but if you are a tourist then you can always come here to get a special permit and enter (tourists will not be allowed to play golf). Just about 6-8 kilometers from the town center, there are many travel options. If you come to Kodaikanal then this is one of the best places to visit in Kodaikanal.

Here are some of the best tourist destinations in Kodaikanal. Don’t forget to visit these places whenever you visit Kodaikanal as here are some of the best destinations. When a person has visited these locations, they do not want to leave Kodaikanal.