15 Beautiful and Best National Parks in India

15 Beautiful and Best National Parks in India

15 Beautiful and Best National Parks in India

The Indian government has transformed various forest areas into wildlife parks in order to preserve natural habitats. Many of them are located at Lake Chilka in Odhisa or the Western Ghats. Many are also in the foothills of the Himalayas. This has increased water pollution due to increased deforestation and several factories that process waste in the water. This has led to a reduction in the number of aquatic and amphibians. Several reptiles and bird species also declined. As a result, many of them have become extinct, but are found in large numbers, and some of these species are now endangered.

List of the most popular national parks in India:

Here are the 15 most popular national parks in India.

1. Betra National Park:

This is in Bihar. One can find wild boars, hyenas, deer and elephants here. Adjacent areas have fresh lakes. However, there are Naxalites in this area, so one should be careful. Sambals and tigers can also be found here.

2. Panna National Reserve:

This is popular for its natural tropical climate, a natural habitat for many endangered species. This is in Madhya Pradesh. There are also large numbers of hyenas and royal Bengal tigers here. One can also see leopards and wild dogs here. Elephants can also be seen here.

3. Kanha National Park:

This is a popular spot for barasingha and swamp deer. There are also many freshwater lakes here, which are very popular.

4. Madhav National Park:

This is in Madhya Pradesh, famous for its crocodiles. There are lush greenery and a lake called Sakhya Sagar.

5. Kaziranga National Park:

This is Golaghat in Assam, a very popular place for animals in their natural habitat. A large number of bird species can also be seen here. Colorful frogs are also common. This is the natural habitat of the horned rhino, and the lake and adjoining areas are where one can see swamp deer.

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6. Periyar Safari Park:

This is popular in the lake known as Periyar. One can see all kinds of animals here. The most popular are reptiles like Krait, birds like woodpeckers, and Gaurs which can be found here. Some tigers can also be seen here, with lush greenery and lake views.

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7. Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary:

It is located in the Kalamana River area of ​​the Thiruvananthapuram catchment. Lion-tailed macaques, golden langurs and elephants are common here. Several flying species and amphibians can also be found near the lake.

8. Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary:

It is a lush green area a few kilometers away from the town of Mysore. This is popular for the various amphibian and bird species that can be found here. Several species of parakeets and macaws are common here. One can also find sparrows and quails.

9. Bandhavgarh National Reserve:

This is a very popular spot with a lake and a few swamp deer. This is also where a variety of macaws and parakeets can be seen. A considerable number of amphibian and reptile species are also found here.

10. Gir National Park:

This is a popular place where one can find a wide variety of animals and birds such as Asian lions. This is in Gujarat, very popular for its lush greenery and fresh lakes where a few birds can be seen.

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11. Manas National Park:

This is a very popular tiger sanctuary. This is on the Nepalese border and is very popular for its variety of bird and reptile species other than cougars and cheetahs. There are also lush greenery and an adjoining freshwater lake where colorful amphibians can be found. One can also see golden langurs here.

12. Balpakram National Park:

This is a place where red foxes and other panda species can be found in their natural habitat. The lush green forests and lakes are also places where a variety of birds can be seen. A popular herb called “Dikges” is popular here. This is a very popular attraction in Meghalaya.

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13. Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary:

This is a very popular place in Rajasthan. Several endangered species of the bird family can be seen here. There are also famous flamingos and quails. Several species of Himalayan birds can also be found here. There are other places, such as the Thar Desert, where various reptiles such as kraits and other amphibians are common. There are other lush greenery and a variety of amphibians and reptiles in adjoining areas of freshwater streams and other lakes.

14. Nokrek Wildlife Sanctuary:

It is located in Mount Garo in Meghalaya. It is also a biodiversity site for various endangered animals and birds, such as red pandas and elephant herds. Here you can also see a variety of rare orchids, as well as citrus varieties. Several types of amphibians and reptiles can also be seen here. Various trees and plants as well as birds can also be seen.

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15. Similipal National Park:

This is a forested area that is a natural habitat for various animals and birds such as bison, bison, elephants, tigers and even deer. One can also see peacocks here. This is a very popular place in Odhisa and in the adjoining area there is also Lake Chilka with fresh water and other natural greenery.