15 Best Anushka Sharma Photos Without Makeup

15 Best Anushka Sharma Photos Without Makeup

15 Best Anushka Sharma Photos Without Makeup


Anushka Sharma is one of Bollywood’s most promising actresses. She was signed by Aditya Chopra to a three-film contract with Yash Raj Films. Anushka made her debut in “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” by Yash Chopra, opposite Shahrukh Khan. She was criticized for her performance as a bubbly wedding planner in “Band Baja Baraat” starring Ranveer Singh.

Anushka won her first Movie Fare Award for Best Supporting Actress in Yash Chopra’s last directorial romance “Jab tak hai jaan 2012”. Her mother, Colonel Ajay Kumar Sharma, was born officer Ajay Kumar Sharma, a housewife. Her older brother Kanesh was a merchant naval officer. Anushka Sharma looks beautiful without makeup. She is a budding actress but very popular in Bollywood. There is a lot of interest in Anushka Sharma. They want to know a lot of details about her, such as family background, personal life, affairs, hobbies, things she likes, and her original photos, which are photos without makeup. People usually search for her on the internet without makeup images and vital information.

Here we can show some photos of Anushka Sharma without makeup and some information about her career and life. Anushka Sharma is a young Bollywood actress. Glowing skin, charming dark eyes, long straight black hair; beautiful teeth make her everyone’s dream. Her slender figure can make any girl envy. Her very sweet smile attracts people as her fans are delighted with the way she smiles.

Many people think that her beauty is just because of her makeup, but this is not the case, because she is really a girl with natural beauty. It’s so hard for a middle-class girl to reach the top of Bollywood at the age of 25. It was only possible with her hard work, dedication and her lovely smiling face.

Her lively, vibrant and lively character represents a strong and delicate, sensitive but at the same time responsive person. Whenever I see this girl, with or without makeup, her skin looks glowing.

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Anushka Sharma Without Makeup:

Here are the top 15 photos of Anushka sharma without makeup as shown below.

1. Anushka Sharma at Mumbai International Airport #1:

This photo was taken at Mumbai International Airport on April 19, 2013. She was wearing a black T-shirt, washed jeans and white shoes. She has no makeup at all. Even without makeup, Anushka looks very fresh and radiant. This Anushka Sharma no makeup look is definitely a knock! ! ! !

2. Anushka Sharma, Mumbai International Airport #2:

Here, Anushka re-emerges at Mumbai airport with no makeup and a casual look. I absolutely love this look of hers. She looked very stylish and stylish in a beige top with blue denim.

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3. Anushka Sharma at Mumbai International Airport #3:

Anushka shows up in Mumbai with a million-dollar smile. She was wearing a sleeveless top with shorts. She wore a gold dress that perfectly coordinated her style statement. No trace of makeup was found on her face.

4. In the theatre:

The photo was taken at a theatre on the outskirts of Mumbai, where she went to watch the movie “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” the day after it was released. Anushka dress looks shabby, black tank top with plaid shirt, jeans.

5. Visit the Radio City FM office:

She was wearing a simple brown T-shirt and black cropped pants. She was wearing her titular makeup, with just a hint of sheen on her lips. Anushka Sharma visits the offices of FM Studios in Radio City, Mumbai with Imran Khan on December 11, 2012 to promote her film “Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola”.

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6. About Yash Chopra’s Jota:

Anushka is on her way to Chaautha by veteran director Yash Chopra at Yash Raj Studios. Here, Anushka looks to be mourning the passing of Bollywood’s most beloved director, as she worked with him in his last film.

7. Vasipur Gang 2 Movie Special Screening Stills:

Anushka is seen wearing a black T-shirt and blue jeans. Anushka opted for a completely unglamorous look, looking like a normal girl in this photo.

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8. At the airport:

While many celebrities complain about jet lag and therefore look dull, Anushka here is as fresh as a daisy, sporting a warm smile in a leather jacket, T-shirt and a pair of jeans with no makeup at all. She still looks so beautiful and fresh. Doesn’t look tired at all.

9. Sweat profusely at the gym:

Ever heard the term post-workout glow? Anushka Sharma shows you what this unheard term stands for. Because no one wears makeup to the gym, but the sweaty lady in the gym shines and proudly shows off her flushed cheeks. She is a person in a black suit with her hair tied up. She looks beautiful.

10. Multiplexed Movie Times:

Every celebrity wants to spend time like a normal person. They move out as soon as they have time. Movie star Anushka Sharma moves out to watch movies in her free time. She looks stylish and confident as she walks in a simple white tee, cropped pants, and red loafers. Comfortable clothes are definitely the most important thing to her, and so is her appearance. She has no makeup at all. It still looks beautiful.

11. Cute Smile:

A lovely smile attracts everyone – a positive vibe from a lively person. This picture of Anushka Sharma smiling like a mischievous child when asked what she was doing. She was lying on the bed with only one eye visible. The face scrub looks fresh without makeup.

12. Go to Bollywood parties:

We can’t go to a party without makeup and Bollywood parties have to be full of glitz, glamour and sparkle. No celebrity would even think of going without makeup, but Anushka Sharma did it. Without makeup, she looks beautiful in the trendiest outfits.

13. Holidays:

Moving out on vacation is full of clothes and stuff, but Anushka Sharma’s move out is unremarkable. The photo shows her vacationing somewhere cool, wearing wool, her hair tied up and no makeup at all. Her skin glowed like anything and was very radiant. She is a beauty without makeup.

14. In Vanity Van:

Most Bollywoods spend hours in their makeup van flaunting their flawless skin with layers of makeup. This gorgeous NH-10 beauty seems to be in love with her no-makeup look. Anushka’s flawless complexion and features have led her to many beauty ads. She is a young beauty who spends time with colleagues.

15. Selfie:

Smartphone and selfie are a combined package. We are not the only ones taking selfies, celebrities also take selfies. This is Anushka Sharma’s selfie at home. Flawless skin and pink lips look beautiful. Her eyes are piercing. Overall, she’s a no-makeup diva.

Anushka Sharma is the most beautiful actress in our Bollywood and has always been in the spotlight. We often notice celebrities looking dull, haggard and imperfect on screen, but Anushka stepped out confidently and looked beautiful without makeup. She has the perfect combination of beautiful skin and hair, amazing height and a body to die for. She is vibrant, energetic and full of natural makeup. Her skin looks radiant whenever she is seen with or without makeup.

Anushka Sharma is not only a beauty that is only seen in the movies and can be seen without makeup, but with the same appearance as in the movies.