15 Best Honeymoon Destinations for Newlyweds in Ooty

15 Best Honeymoon Destinations for Newlyweds in Ooty

15 Best Honeymoon Destinations for Newlyweds in Ooty


Honeymoon is the most important and precious time in a person’s married life. Going through every place and deciding where to go is really a tough job. For all nature lovers, you can try the “Queen of the Mountains” Uti’s honeymoon spot. It offers one of the most stunning scenery, accompanied by the best tourist attractions. Not only are they beautiful, they are also very romantic, making them one of the most popular honeymoon spots since time immemorial. This is always the best time to go to Ooty for a honeymoon. This place will never let you down. Below is a list of the 15 best honeymoon spots in Ooty, complete with pictures.

Best Honeymoon Spots in Ooty:

1. Avalanche:

One of Ooty’s honeymoon destinations, it is a forested area about 30 kilometers from the town. It is mostly popular with the Avalanche Reserve and its lakes. It is a popular tourist destination for tourists. As soon as you enter the lake, you will see thousands of blooming flowers all around. These flowers are a treat for the eyes.

It is famous for supplying water to the Kunda Hydropower Station. After using fishing accessories, you can fish in this lake. You can use these accessories from a nearby trout hatchery. This area has stunning scenery and you can enjoy a fairytale honeymoon with your partner.

2. Rose Garden:

It is located in the center of Ooty and is one of the most lively tourist attractions. It covers 10 acres. It has a large number of roses of different colors. You will not only get red roses here, but also green, black and many other colors of roses. It’s filled with roses of unusual and unique colors that you won’t get anywhere else. There are about 36oo species of roses. They are displays brought from all over the world. Visitors are captivated by the gorgeous rose collection in this garden. There are countless roses here.

3. Landscape of Elk Mountain Temple:

Besides gardens and lakes, the town is also known for its famous temples. Elk Mountain is one of them, dedicated to Lord Murugan. Thaipusam is celebrated every year from January to February in honor of God. There is a large statue of Lord Murugan on this hill. Elk Mountain is surrounded by lush green forests. It offers an appealing landscape that will take your breath away. From this hill, you can see a panoramic view of the whole city of Ooty. It is popular among newlyweds who come here to seek the blessing of Lord Murugan. Don’t miss to seek the blessings of the gods here. It is one of the most beautiful places to spend your honeymoon in Ooty.

4. Kamaraj Sagar Dam, Ooty:

It is located in the town of Ooty, a popular honeymoon spot. It’s also a great spot for photo shoots and picnics. This dam is also known as the Sandynalla Reservoir. It is about 10 kilometers away from Ooty. It has great views and is surrounded by green forests. This place is also a very popular fishing spot. The lake is an artificial reservoir formed nearby. It offers a very peaceful and peaceful atmosphere where you can enjoy the company of your partner on a peaceful honeymoon.

5. Glenn Morgan:

This is a village popular with tourists for its tea plantations. It is one of the oldest tea plantations and a famous honeymoon spot. In addition to the tea plantation, there is also a ropeway connecting a powerhouse Singara and Glenmorgan. As you ride the ropeway, you can enjoy the amazing view of the tea plantation, which is a treat for your eyes. From here you can also see the famous Mudumalai National Park and the power plants of Moyal Valley and Sinjara. The green reflections of the trees on the body of water are mesmerizing.

6. Botanical Gardens:

Greenery always attracts you, and in the garden you will find every color of life. A variety of flower shades to make your life happy. When you go somewhere for your honeymoon, you always try to find something attractive and unique in it. Ooty’s Botanical Gardens are perfect for a honeymoon. Different flowers, vast fields, beautiful lakes will provide a great backdrop for your photo with your partner. The glass house is another highlight of this garden. There is a very old fossil tree. You can spend peaceful time in nature with your partner.

7. Emerald Dam:

An amazing honeymoon spot in Ooty, one of the most beautiful lakes in Ooty. It offers a beautiful scenery that is mesmerizing. You can stand and enjoy the view for hours without getting bored. It is surrounded by pine trees and gives a glorious view. You need to climb 1.5km to get from Jade to Jade Dam. For those who are adventurous, this place can soothe your interest. If you are a nature lover then don’t miss putting this place on your honeymoon bucket list.

8. Needle Rock Viewpoint:

This is Ooty’s paradise. One of the best honeymoon spots in Ooty. The scenery is beautiful and stunning. The place is beautifully decorated at sunrise or sunset. If you visit there, it will fascinate you. You will lose every word to see it. You don’t have any words to describe it. You can see mountains and plains from here. This is a great place to click photos. Since it’s not a crowded place, you can spend a peaceful time with your partner during your honeymoon. The peaceful breeze will make you happy and soothe your mind.

9. Ooty Tiger Hill:

The mountain is known for its stunning beauty and scenery. It’s in the east of town. You need to get out of the hills to enjoy the valley views and bustling vistas. This hill will give you an escape from the busy life of the city. At the top of Tiger Hill you will find a huge cistern which is the source of water for the town. You can already imagine the beauty of a hill with a huge cistern at the top. This is one of the perfect Ooty honeymoon spots for young couples.

10. Dota Beta Peak:

Doddabetta Peak is a charming Ooty honeymoon spot, at 2,623 meters above sea level, the highest point in the region. It is located 10 kilometers away from Ooty. The valley below offers an abundance of stunning views that you can enjoy with your partner and capture them by taking pictures. Since it is located at such a high altitude, it is usually foggy. The foggy setting provides a captivating romantic experience. There is a telescope house at the top of the mountain, which offers a panoramic view of the surrounding area. The mountain also provides shelter for many species of flora and fauna.

11. Lake Ooty:

This lake is one of the liveliest places in the town, consisting of a huge body of water surrounded by beautiful trees and one of the best honeymoon spots in Ooty. The entrance is made up of various snacks, flowers and other sellers. At the end of the lake, you’ll find houseboats that provide overnight shelter for tourists. You can spend the night in a beautiful body of water with views of the lake. If you want the most serene experience, go on to the once-in-a-lifetime houseboat experience.

12. Ooty Line Gardens:

This garden offers a huge display of various types of flora such as flowers and plants. Plants and flowers are made of thread and wire. The garden took 12 years to build and the results are stunning. It is also the cradle of many artificial plants, such as creepers, climbers, etc. Upon reaching the Thread Garden, you’ll see 400 different shades of thread being used to create captivating color combinations. Surprise your loved ones by taking them to the ultimate world of beautiful flowers and plants.

13. Mile 6 (Shooting Range):

This popular honeymoon spot offers stunning views and is surrounded by lush green forests. It is also a famous filming location as many films have been filmed here. It’s located 6 miles from Ooty. The place is completely surrounded by forest, so it is a romantic place for couples. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, fall in love with your partner again in the lush green forest. This is a great place to take snapshots and make countless memories in the dazzling green forest.

14. Katherine Falls:

This is the second largest waterfall at 250 feet. This fall in Nilgiris, 30 km from Ooty. This waterfall is surrounded by beautiful views of forest and vast tea plantations. For couples who like to hike, the waterfall can be reached via the Kotagiri and Aravenu routes. From Kotagiri, you can reach the waterfall the fastest as it is only 8 km away. Spend quality time with your spouse and enjoy the view of this place.

15. Lake Picara:

This lake is one of the favorite honeymoon spots for newlyweds. It is located between lush green mountains and valleys. The forest surrounds this lake, and here is a forest house for tourists. The lake consists of a dam, which also bears a similar name. The boathouse includes its main tourist attractions. Enjoy the company of your partner in the clean and peaceful atmosphere of the lake. The lake is completely free of any pollution and is therefore pollution-free. You can also go boating and spend quality time with your spouse.

You should no longer be confused about where to go for your honeymoon. Head to Ooty’s honeymoon spot and indulge in what nature has to offer. It will surely promise you a once in a lifetime experience with your spouse. Start a new journey in your life with a visit to the Queen of Ooty Hills.