15 Best Tourist Attractions in West Bengal

15 Best Tourist Attractions in West Bengal

15 Best Tourist Attractions in West Bengal

West Bengal is the eastern region of India and is the fourth most populous state. The state capital Kolkata has many tourist attractions and people who come to West Bengal want to come here first. It was once the British capital of India, and the buildings and monuments have incorporated European styles.

West Bengal Tourist Attractions:

Here we have listed 15 different beautiful, famous and amazing tourist attractions in West Bengal for all ages to visit.

1. Calcutta:

Kolkata is located on the east side of the Hooghly River. The city is home to more than 4.5 million people and is the country’s largest metropolis. It is known as the “City of Joy” and “City of Light” for its beauty and lively inhabitants. Kolkata has India’s oldest museum, Victory Memorial, beautiful riverside views, temples and churches that tourists must visit. Most people say it is the best tourist destination in West Bengal after visiting.

2. Darjeeling:

Darjeeling is very close to the capital. Book a car from Siliguri and then the tourists go up the mountain, they can also enjoy the beautiful view of the mountain side area during the journey. Darjeeling is famous for its many flowers such as magnolias and rhododendrons, and visitors cannot miss the tea gardens and silver fir trees. There is a famous toy train that takes tourists through several places to visit in the mountains. Here are the best tourist attractions in Darjeeling.

3. Dangerous:

Hazarduari is a palace and is the town of Murshidabad. The palace is famous for having a thousand gates and has a history. There are 114 rooms and 8 galleries, built in European architectural style. It has been converted into a museum and exhibits 2,700 kinds of Chinese weapons, weapons, paintings and ivory products. There is also a library, but it is not open to the public without special permission. It is one of the best and most famous tourist places in the vicinity of West Bengal and can definitely bring you a great time.

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4. Purulia:

Purulia takes visitors away from the hustle and bustle of the bustling streets and into lush green landscapes and lush forests. Due to its natural beauty and quietness, it makes it a suitable tourist attraction. There are many ancient buildings, temples and archaeological excavations.

5. Sundarbans:

The Sundarbans is a mangrove forest that has now been turned into a tiger reserve. The area is only accessible by water and people who want a wild and adventurous holiday will love coming here. It is inhabited by royal Bengal tigers, spotted deer, barking deer, civet cats, monitor lizards and many more wildlife. Sundarbans is one of the best tourist destinations in West Bengal.

6. Diamond Harbor:

Diamond Harbor is the closest resort to Kolkata at just 48 km. People come here to spend the weekend with their families and loved ones. This port is where the Hooghly River turns south into the Bay of Bengal.

7. Buck Harry:

Bakkhali is a lonely beach about 132 kilometers from Kolkata. People come to Namkhana and then cross the Hatania Doania River before taking a bus to Bakkhali. The itinerary is arranged by the tourism department to bring visitors an exciting adventure.

8. Marda:

This is a town famous for its English market place, as an English factory was established here in 1771. Marda has a rich heritage and history with many temples and palaces. The Gour, Pandua and Malda museums are must-sees to complete your visit without being dissatisfied.

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9. Shantiniketan:

Shantiniketan is considered one of the most religious and cultural places. This place was developed by Maharshi Debendranath Tagore and later Rabindranath Tagore opened an open air school and named it “Patha Bhavan”. Visva Bharati University was established in 1921 and is now the Central University, known for its cultural education.

10. Kolkata Science City:

Kolkata, the city of joy, is one of the best places in West Bengal and the city of science in the country. Not only Frankenstein goes there. There are many people who come to visit this place, whether they are interested in the topics displayed or preached there. It will be a pleasure to visit this place as there are so many things to do here. There are also rope ways and many other activities for teenagers and kids. Many people (tourists) from other states and countries also come to visit this place. Arguably one of the best places in West Bengal and one of the most famous tourist destinations in West Bengal.

11. Indian Museum:

One of the best tourist attractions in West Bengal is the Indian Museum. This is a very exciting place that contains some of the most beautiful and educational facts that people can use to educate themselves. The museum was established in the 18th century and has since been rated as one of the most visited places ever in West Bengal. One cannot ignore the immense beauty and charm of this place. There are tons of beautiful architectural replicas and cultural facts about India that fascinate tourists and glue them to the place so much that they don’t want to leave it.

12. Tiger Hill:

This is one of the best hill stations in West Bengal, located in Darjeeling. This place is full of terrible rumors, but that doesn’t seem to reduce the popularity of the place. On the contrary, it can be said that the fact that this place is haunted attracts more tourists, making it one of the best places to visit in West Bengal. Apart from that, this place has many other beautiful features that attract tourists, such as the scenery of this place. From this mountain, one can also get a beautiful view of Kanchenjunga, which is really fascinating and also makes it a popular hiking spot. Many people climb this place just to enjoy the beautiful view of the Kanchenjunga Mountains.

13. The Garden of Eden:

Another amazing tourist attraction in West Bengal near Kolkata is the Garden of Eden. This is one of the best places to watch cricket in India. Since cricket is one of the most popular sports, when you come to Kolkata, West Bengal, you won’t want to miss a game at Eden. The atmosphere is so exciting, seeing the pinnacle of the stadium from a distance makes one excited for the place.

14. Victoria Memorial Hall:

Victoria Memorial is another beautiful place in Kolkata. The Victoria Memorial is one of the most beautiful places here and it’s easy to fall in love with it. Foreigners love to visit it, especially since the place is visited by hundreds of British people. The view of the Victoria Memorial makes it one of a kind.

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15. Xincheng Ecological Park:

West Bengal has many wonderful places to visit and most of the beautiful places are located only in Kolkata. Last on this list is the Eco Park in Xincheng, a very famous area of ​​the city of joy. This eco-park has a lot to offer its visitors. One will not get bored and have a lot of fun when they visit this place.

This list contains only the top 15 tourist attractions in West Bengal. However, there are also some honourable mentions such as Howrah Bridge, Darjeeling Himalayan Railway etc. Make sure you come to visit these places when you visit West Bengal.