15 Famous Blonde Actresses from 20 to 50

15 Famous Blonde Actresses from 20 to 50

15 Famous Blonde Actresses from 20 to 50


Blonde is one of the most popular hair colors of our time. In fact, many actresses are dedicated to dyeing their hair blonde for fashion or movies. But there are also a handful of actresses who are naturally blond. Is it attractive? ! Yes, we have Hollywood blonde actresses today who are known for their natural hair color and look chic and edgy. But while few actresses like their natural blondes, some actresses don’t like their hair and dye it in other colors. Today, let’s explore the beautiful natural blonde looks of celebrities of our time.

15 Most Beautiful Blonde Actresses 30 and Under 40:

We’ve rounded up these famous young blonde actresses of American and British descent for you. Check out their original blonde hair here!

1. Angelina Jolie:

We rarely see Angelina Jolie’s natural hair color. So, this is probably a fun fact or a shock to most of you. Angelina Jolie was born with dark blond hair. She looks very different and unique from what we see on screen, and we love it nonetheless. Without a doubt, she looks stunningly beautiful and intoxicating in the most natural way possible! This is what her natural hair color looks like!

2. Sophie Turner:

Sophie Turner of fame from the iconic series “Game of Thrones” naturally has very blond blond hair. She dyed her hair red for the show and has since returned to her natural self. Here’s the celeb showing off her blonde hair in the cutest and glamorous way. We love her authentic look! She is one of the beautiful blonde celebrity women we all love!

3. Emma Stone:

Did you know that Emma Stone actually has very strawberry blonde natural hair? Yes, as shocking as it may seem, you heard that right. Emma Stone has dyed her hair naturally red in most of the films, and she admits she’s used to the color by now. But in the beginning, she had blond hair. She is one of the very few actresses and celebrities to have this blonde shade.

4. Kate Winslet:

Tell us about someone who doesn’t know Kate Winslet? ! Titanic rose to fame as one of the most sought after actresses of the later generation. In fact, Kate’s natural hair is blonde. She dyed her hair red in Titanic and many other films that followed. While she admits she’s getting a little used to red hair now, let’s admit it – she looks just as gorgeous and sophisticated in this real way. What do you think?

5. Bella Thorne:

Beautiful Bella Thorne was originally a copper blonde hair color. If you don’t believe us, take a look at this photo. Beauty is also stunning and glamorous in this natural look and we are in awe! It’s hard for us to see this heroine as she is, but we love every bit of this photo. Don’t you think so? She is one of the most beautiful blonde celebrities we love!

6. Mandy Moore:

Mandy Moore absolutely rocked her original blonde look. Check out this photo! She looked amazingly beautiful and won the hearts of all of us. Her versatile style statement and looks are often admired in the film industry, and her natural blonde hair is definitely striking. Mandy should definitely try more of her natural hairstyles.

7. Leighton Meester:

Leighton Meester is known for her natural acting and sunny personality on screen. We all love her fashion sense and hairstyle. But, in case you didn’t know, actress Leighton Meester originally had platinum blonde hair. Beauty looked radiant in this natural look and we were blown away!

8. Olivia Wilde:

In case you haven’t observed, Olivia Wilde also has natural blonde hair. We’re all used to seeing her on screen in different colors, but her natural hair color is equally appreciated. She’s often seen on red carpets in luscious brown shades, but sheer blond color is something to be embraced, too. We wonder why this beauty doesn’t show off her natural self!

9. Amy Adams:

In most of her appearances, Amy Adams has sported shiny red wavy hair and a lustrous hot look. But her natural hair color is strawberry blonde! Shock? So are we! Did she ever agree in an interview that she turned to hair dye to get a better part in the movie? But we do love her natural blonde, too. What do you think? She should also try more blondes. She is one of the very few celebrities with strawberry blonde hair.

10. Jennifer Lawrence:

We’ve all witnessed Jennifer Lawrence’s beauty in tons of hair color. She never shies away from experimenting with hairstyles and styles for different screen characters. But if you didn’t know, she’s naturally blonde! It also shocked us because we could barely see her as she was. However, we love how beautiful and classic she is in her original style.

11. Sofia Vergara:

Sophia is often seen in public with her dark-haired appearance. Modern Family celebrity and actress Sophia actually has natural blonde hair, and we absolutely love it. When she revealed the same on social media, many fans commented on how beautiful her blonde hair was. Do you agree too?

12. Ariel Winter:

Ariel Winter recently agreed in an interview that her actual hair color is dirty blonde. The actress often wears brunette and dark brown looks for her film roles, and now that she’s so used to them, it’s hard to go back to her old style, the actress said. Do you think she is pretty?

13. Deborah Ann Wall:

True Blood Fame, Deborah Ann Wall dyed her hair strawberry blonde, but her real hair color is pure blonde! She’s also often spotted embracing her natural hair and waves, and we’re absolutely in love with her plush and sophisticated look and fashion statement. Deborah looks stunning in this natural self.

14. Kristen Stewart:

We all know Kristen Stewart is of Twilight fame. We often see brunette or redhead heroines, but her natural hair is dirty blonde. She has medium blond hair in a lighter shade that looks unique and totally different on her natural hair color.

15. Katy Perry:

Most of us have seen famous singer and model Katy Perry sporting black brunette hair. But it makes us wonder what she really is. Lately, we know she’s somewhere between dirty and sandy blonde. Black hair doesn’t come naturally to her, but we’re fascinated by how well she manages it.

So, what do you think of this roundup of Hollywood actresses with natural blonde hair? We were both shocked and fascinated to see some hair changes through the timeline of these heroines. Let us know what you think too!