15 Famous Tourist Attractions in Mussoorie

15 Famous Tourist Attractions in Mussoorie

15 Famous Tourist Attractions in Mussoorie


Mussoorie is known as the “Queen of the Mountains” and is the perfect place for vacations and honeymoons. It is located on Mount Garvar and is indeed a charming place. If you are an adventurous person and enjoy hiking, Mussoorie is the perfect destination for you. If you are planning a trip to Mussoorie, you should refer to the following list of places to plan and visit.

Beautiful Mussoorie tourist attractions, visit with pictures:

Mussoorie has a lot of great sightseeing spots to see. Below we have listed 15 wonderful tourist attractions in Mussoorie, along with photos that will help you transform your mood from dullness to enjoyment.

1. Kempty Falls:

Kempty Falls is 15 km from Mussoorie. It is open to the public from March to July and is one of the most beautiful and wonderful places to visit in and around Mussoorie. Originally, in the British era, tea parties were held here. As a result, the name “Yingcha” later became empty. This place is truly a beautiful place!

2. Lake Mussoorie:

Lake Mussoorie is located on the Dehradun Highway about 6 kilometers from Mussoorie. Not only is it a famous picnic spot, it is also known for its pedal boating facilities. The lake also offers you some stunning views, such as the picturesque and stunning Doon Valley. Coming to Lake Mussoorie is sure to be a fun experience. This is one of the perfect places to visit near mussoorie with wonderful water rides.

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3. Mussoorie Christian Church:

Mussoorie Christ Church was built in 1836 in Gothic style. It is one of the oldest churches in the Himalayas and receives quite a lot of tourists and tourists every year. The interior of this place is absolutely exquisite as it has been decorated with contributions from other celebrities. Once you are here, your trip to Mussoorie will become meaningful.

4. Jaripani Falls:

Jharipani waterfall is one of the famous main waterfalls in Jharipani located around mussoorie. It is about 8 km from Mussoorie and can be reached by car. This is the perfect place to bathe, have a picnic and spend time with family and friends. Once you visit, you will never forget this amazing tourist destination in Mussoorie.

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5. Depot Hill:

Depot Hill is the highest peak in Mussoorie. This place offers you some of the most magnificent and majestic views. It is the oldest place in the whole of Mussoorie and is known for its mild weather, clear skies and peaceful nature. Your Mussoorie trip will not be complete without this.

6. Municipal gardens:

Have you ever heard of one of the funniest and cutest places in Mussoorie. The Municipal Garden is about 3 km from Mussoorie and can be reached by car, rickshaw or pony. It has an artificial lake, exotic flowers and plants around the garden, and even boating facilities. If you want to find some peace and quiet, you must come to the Municipal Gardens.

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7. Fan Chetna Kendra:

Vat Chetna Kendra is a beautiful place surrounded by evergreen pine trees and shrubs. This is a well known picnic spot and can be reached by car or on foot. Here, you’ll also find some of Mussoorie’s unique wildlife, such as the Kankar and Himalayan peacocks.

8. Gun Mountain:

Gun Mountain is the second highest peak in the Himalayas and offers you some of the most beautiful and breathtaking views of the Himalayas. You can reach this place by foot and vehicle. It will definitely be a wonderful experience here. This is one of the most exciting tourist attractions around mussoorie.

9. Camelback:

The road got its name mainly because there is a large rock on the road here, shaped like the back of a camel. If you come at just the right time, you will find lush juniper trees here and a wonderful and rich sunset. The weather is mild and the atmosphere is calm and serene.

10. Mussoorie Adventure Park:

Now is the time to venture out in one of Mussoorie’s most famous tourist destinations. This place is designed to have fun and relax with friends and family. Mussoorie Adventure Park offers adventurers different thrilling experiences such as aerial rides, traversing valleys, downhill, etc. There are also some children’s rides. This is the best place for picnics and family gatherings.

11. The end of the cloud:

“Fee, Fi, Fo Fum”, is this a wake-up call? If yes, then take your child to visit the Giant’s Palace at the end of the cloud. The name is perfect for this place as it’s at the end of the Mussoorie and you can actually see the clouds below you. This place has a great vibe and atmosphere all year round, the smell of wet mud and the dew on your face will bring unspeakable joy to your heart, you will definitely visit this place again. As one of the ecstatic places in Mussoorie, this place will make sure you don’t go back in despair. Even the path to visit this beautiful place is fascinating and a little tiring as it takes you through a dense forest and rest assured that the journey will be as interesting as the destination.

12. Happy Valley:

A visit to Happy Valley is sure to put a satisfied smile on your face as the place is surrounded by gardens, estates and temples. This place will not give you any adventure or send a chill down your spine, but this place is for those who like to be alone and appreciate the peaceful and peaceful atmosphere of a place. A visit to this place will make your mind think and take your imagination to new heights. For this reason, this place is best suited for poets, writers and painters.

13. Hartipan and Park Estate:

Hathipaon and Park Estate is a great destination for hikers and picnic lovers. It is surrounded by mountains surrounded by lush green vegetation and offers an exotic and unique view of the Doon Valley. Once you visit this place, it will be a wonderful and enriching experience, rest assured that you will be lost in the magical beauty of nature.

14. Tiger View Jungle Camp:

For wildlife lovers and forest explorers, Tiger View Jungle Camp offers you the perfect opportunity to spot tigers and photograph them (with a camera, obviously). You will see tigers in their natural habitat. Unlike other wildlife camps and reserves, the Forest Department offers camping facilities and bush safari, so if you’re sure you won’t hear a roar and wet your pants in the middle of the night while camping, this is one of the best Mussoorie for Your sightseeing spot.

15. Tapovan:

According to Hindu mythology, Guru Dronacharya received penance at Tapovan. Therefore, visiting a Tapovan destination will be similar to visiting a pilgrimage center. Located near the Ganges and surrounded by lush green vegetation, Tapovan will prove to be a great destination for nature lovers.

As a conclusion, considering all the Mussoorie tourist attractions mentioned above and the reasons for visiting them, Mussoorie is a must-see for all tourists visiting Uttarakhand. Even the tourist attractions near Mussoorie are worth a visit. In short, if you want a great vacation for the amount you’re going to spend, be sure to visit Mussoorie’s tourist attractions to see all the splendid sights it has to offer.