15 Famous Tourist Attractions to Visit in Kashmir

15 Famous Tourist Attractions to Visit in Kashmir

15 Famous Tourist Attractions to Visit in Kashmir


The Kashmir Valley is rich in history, culture and natural phenomena on the one hand and political controversy on the other. The spicy taste of local cuisine, different types of tea, hiking, staying in houseboats and visiting many sacred sites are things that tourists love to do. The local textiles and handicrafts are very famous, so shopping here is good.

Beautiful Kashmir tourist attractions:

This article will explain the beauty of the list of tourist attractions in Kashmir, along with explaining the culture and history of these destinations along with pictures to make your trip enjoyable.

1. Jama Masjid:

Jama Mosque in Novata is one of the most visited mosques in the capital Srinagar. The mosque was built by Sultan Siganda in 1400 AD and later enlarged by his son Zain-ul-Abidin. The mosque’s 370 wooden pillars and Indo-Saranshini architecture are some of the elements that draw people here. Friday is filled with thousands of Muslims because it is considered the holiest day of worship.

2. Chashmashahi:

Chashmashahi is the smallest of the three Mughal gardens located in Kashmir. The garden is located above the Nehru Memorial Park and its name means Royal Fountain. The beautiful Dal Lake and surrounding mountains can be seen from the garden. The garden also has many terraces and fountains and is built through the center.

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3. Nagin Lake:

Lake Nakin is located east of the Kashmir valley. It is located at the foot of Zabarwan Mountain, with willow and poplar trees in the lake. Shankaracharya Mountain is in the south of the lake and Hari Parbat is in the west. It is known for water skiing, launching and boating. Lake Naga is one of the most worthwhile places to visit in Kashmir.

4. Dachigan National Park:

Dachigam National Park is about 22 kilometers from Srinagar and covers an area of ​​about 141 square kilometers. The park is known for endangered animals such as red deer. The park is located in a deep valley with steep woods. The national park is located in mountainous areas between 1,600 and 4,200 meters above sea level. This national park is one of the famous adventure travel spots in Kashmir.

5. Delas:

Deras is the second coldest place in the world with inhabitants. It is located at an altitude of 3,230 meters, approximately 60 kilometers from Kargil. This is a small town in the middle of the valley and the road from here to Ladakh is easy as the Zojila Pass passes through this place. Tourists love hiking, and Sulu Valley is the most famous.

6. Dangerous goods:

Hazratbal is a well-known Muslim holy site where a strand of hair is believed to belong to the Prophet Muhammad. It is located to the left of Dal Lake and is one of the holiest places in Kashmir. Due to the good weather, the best time to visit this shrine is from March to October. Hazratbal is one of the desirable and historic places in Kashmir that will bring plenty of tranquility.

7. Sonamag:

Sonamaq has to be reached via the Sindh Valley and it showcases a different rural vibe of Kashmir, which is not often seen. Located at 2730 m above sea level, it is named for its rolling hills and clear sky, meaning golden meadow. The Sindh River flows through the valley and ponies are often hired to tour the grounds. Sonamarg is one of the most beautiful sightseeing spots in Kashmir.

8. Shiv Khori:

Shiv Kori is a cave on a hill that stretches for about a kilometer. The cave is known to have a natural Shiva Lingam, which is over 100 years old. Visitors are impressed by the cave’s Sheshnaag carved ceiling.

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9. Khanqah-e-Moula:

Khana-e-Mola is one of the oldest Muslim holy places in Kashmir. The shrine was built by Sultan Siganda, and the interior is beautifully carved. It was made in memory of Muslim preacher Mir Syed Ali Hamdani.

10. Srinagar:

Srinagar is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in all of India, not to mention Kashmir. In Srinagar, you can indulge in a variety of activities including hiking, bird watching, boating or water skiing. It is a popular honeymoon destination in India. Although this place can be visited all year round, the snowfall between December and January brings a special serenity and beauty to this wonderful place. It is one of the most natural and famous tourist attractions in Kashmir.

11. Columns:

If you are visiting Kashmir in summer and considering places to visit in Kashmir then Leh is the place for you. Mountains and lakes offer picturesque and breathtaking views. The beauty of Leh fascinates all who visit it. It is also a great place for those who like mountain biking and hiking. Indulging in these activities will leave you with a lifetime of memories and tons of stories to tell your grandkids. However, if you want to go mountain biking in Leh, summer is the best time for you as many tracks are closed due to heavy snow after November.

12. Kupwara:

Kupwara is also known as the “Crown of Kashmir”. Beautiful green meadows, mountains and clear streams make Kupwara one of the best tourist attractions in Kashmir. Due to its picturesque scenery, this place is a must visit if you plan to travel to Kashmir. Kupwara embodies the beauty of Kashmir in more than one way. Sheikh Baba Behram, Lolab Valley and Qamar Reshi Sahib Shrine are some must-see places.

13. Katua:

If you’ve ever been drawn to Sufism and leaned toward it, then Kathua is the place for you. Katua is also known as the city of Sufis. It depicts the beautiful story of Kashmir’s past and is one of the most beautiful places in Kashmir. If you happen to be a history buff and don’t want to miss the Jasrota fort, this is a must visit. Kathua offers a peaceful and peaceful atmosphere to all who visit.

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14. Cargill:

This is a city that cannot be easily forgotten. Even today, the mention of Kargil makes every Indian living in wartime shudder. The city is a must visit because it holds a special place in the emotions of every Indian citizen. It is one of the tourist attractions in Kashmir because it has to offer multiple emotions. For many, the city brings back living memories of long ago and makes them proud of their Indian citizenship. In Kargil, go hiking or hiking in the nearby Sulu Valley. Other places of interest include Mulbek Gompa, Shergol, Wakha Rgyal.

15. Pahargan:

There is an overload of freshness in this town neatly tucked away in the mountains. There is peace and tranquility here for all who visit. Pahalgam is a great place to relax, meditate and connect with nature. Away from the intense competition of busy city life, Pahalgam lets you forget all your worries and stress during your stay. The town is famous for its huge coniferous forest. Winter, which starts in late October, is perhaps the best time to visit this town, as the snow adds extra beauty to the place. While visiting Pahalgam, you can indulge in various recreational activities such as canoeing and horse riding. Nearby places of interest include Betabu and Aru Valley.

Enjoy reading about these places? Take a long trip and tourist attractions in Kashmir with your family and friends now! Fall in love with the beauty of all these places and don’t forget to take lots of pictures!