15 Hottest Odia Actress Names and Photos

15 Hottest Odia Actress Names and Photos

15 Hottest Odia Actress Names and Photos


Odia Films may not be very popular in the pan-Indian scene, but you can’t miss the talent here. Hot Hollywood or Odia actresses rule the film industry with their gorgeous looks, style and modern glamour and flawless looks. They may not be well known nationally. However, they have gained a great reputation in the local film circle. These Odia beauties have captured our hearts with their sweet and charming looks and talents. Check them out if you’re interested!

15 Famous Odia Actresses From Odisha Films:

This list of actresses hail from their own home state of Odisha and have been given opportunities in the film industry with their immense talent, skill and charisma. They have unparalleled looks and beautiful smiles with feminine beauty and charm. The Odia actress from Odisha is currently one of the most famous faces in the celebrity circle. Check it out!

Latest popular Odia actresses:

Here is a list of Odia actresses who are currently popular and latest fashion. They rule the industry with their fashion sense and good looks, and we can’t take our eyes off them! We love their classy and glamorous looks! So, take a look and see if you can recognize any of the Odia heroines in the photos!

Elena Samantrey:

Bumika Das:

Table Patras:

Sunmeera Nagesh:

Silvani Sanguita:

List of popular Odia actresses:

In addition to those beautiful young Odia actresses mentioned above, we also have beautiful and charming famous women. They are also from Odisha and have worked in the film industry for longer. They are talented and have industry experience and have won all our hearts. Do you want to know who they are? Check out these Oria actresses!

Akita Sahu:

Varsha Priyadarshini:

Ria Day:

Anu Choudhury:

Gina Samar:

Popular Hollywood actresses from other states:

Apart from those natives from Odisha, few actresses are from out of town but have taken their place in the Odia film industry. Take a look!

Latest trending Hollywood actresses:

Here is a list of beautiful Hollywood actresses from other states. They also mark their place in Hollywood with their charisma and beauty. Their charm and appearance have attracted many fans. Want to know who they are?

Gillik Bhattacharji:

Old Famous Hollywood Actresses:

They have been in the Hollywood film industry for a long time and conquered the industry with their talents. They have captured the hearts of the audience with their charming looks and superb acting skills. Here they come!

Mega Ghosh:

Namrat Thapa:

Rahna Banerjee:

Ankita Baumick:

What do you think of this list of beautiful Odia actresses? They are very popular in the film industry and have a cute and beautiful attractive appearance. So let us know what you think! Do you know any of them? what do you think? !